Brits praise ‘fantastic’ idea to get through self-isolation

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  • Many people across the world are self-isolating at the moment due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    The virus has become a global pandemic and has left families shut up in their homes trying their best to avoid contracting the illness.

    And many of us have started to be hit by cabin fever already, trapped in the house with just our families, our work-from-home kits and a few packets of toilet roll to keep us company.

    But while most Brits will be climbing the walls for two weeks, some optimistic Brits have suggested that to get through self-isolation more easily, we should try and treat the time shut in the house like the Christmas break.

    If we all have to quarantine for two weeks we should pretend it’s Christmas,’ wrote one Facebook user in post that has since gone viral, suggesting that we all ‘put the tree up, make Christmas dinner, Boxing Day binge watch, drink Baileys, play board games’.

    We know what to do in those two weeks of not leaving the house,’ they added, ‘and we love it, so Christmas is the answer’.

    And fans were loving the idea.

    I love that idea,’ wrote one fan, while another added, ‘Literally the best thing I’ve heard’.

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    I have still been wearing my Christmas Socks, this is a fantastic idea #CoronaChristmas,’ commented another, while one added, ‘Is this a thing? If so I’m in’.

    Others expanded on the idea adding that they think we should even put up Christmas lights.

    I think I am putting my outside Christmas lights back up tomorrow #coronachristmas,’ wrote one.

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    Another commented, ‘My mum thinks people should start putting up Christmas lights in their windows to remind each other that there is still life & light while we #StayTheFHome’.

    ‘What if we all put our Christmas lights back up?’ agreed another. ‘Then we could get in the car and drive around and look at them. That seems like a fair social distancing activity’.

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