Parents are obsessed with using this £3 hairspray to banish their kids’ head lice

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  • Almost every parent will be familiar with tackling the nightmare that is head lice.

    The nasty creatures make themselves at home on the scalps of little ones and are notorious for spreading around schools and playgroups, coming back again and again.

    But one thrifty mum has discovered a seriously affordable way to banish the pesky parasites from children’s heads and has shared it with the world, after her kids caught nits a skin-crawling nine times last year.

    Raving about her seriously inexpensive solution, Annaliese Dent revealed, “I was deflated, defeated and at the acceptance stage of nit-grief when someone sent me a message on Instagram with the most life-changing piece of advice.”

    Explaining that she was advised to use cheap, sticky hair spray in her battle against the bugs, she added, “The cheaper the better. They don’t like the sticky and straw-like texture. It makes the hair an undesirable breeding ground. It makes it harder for them to navigate around and for the eggs to attach to the follicle.”

    WELLA Silvikrin Maximum Hold Hairspray, £3.30, Amazon


    WELLA Silvikrin Maximum Hold Hairspray, £3.30, Amazon

    SHOP NOW: WELLA Silvikrin Maximum Hold Hairspray, £3.30, Amazon

    Speaking to Kidspot, the relieved mum admitted she swears by Wella Silvikrin Maximum Hold Hairspray, which can be picked up for a mega-cheap price from places like Boots, Wilko and Amazon.

    “So, every day before school since term four last year we have been doing a hair spray before school and they have not invaded our heads and homes since. Two full terms and a bit in and around lockdown. In a previously unprecedented event, we have survived five nit notices from school.

    “So, let me pass on that life-changing advice to you now. Panic purchase some cheap hair lacquer immediately and bid farewell to my old friends’ and foe: lice, no more.”