Christine McGuinness opens up about pregnancy struggle following her battle with anorexia

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  • Christine McGuinness is a mum of three, but she has recently opened up about how she struggled to fall pregnant for four years due to her battle with anorexia.

    The 31-year-old spoke to Giovanna Fletcher on her podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby, where she said explained that she tried for a long time to get pregnant.

    Christine said: ‘It took four years for me to get pregnant, I think’.

    Sharing her struggle with an eating disorder, she went on, saying:  ‘I had anorexia for over ten years as a child and all through my teenage years. It sort of got better when I met my husband, at [age] 19/20. I was getting better and it was that strive and that I just really wanted to be a mum that made me get over that.’

    Christine then explained how her anorexia had affected her body in other ways, such as stopping her natural cycle. She said: ‘When I went to see the doctor, they said that the reason I wasn’t ovulating and wasn’t having periods.

    ‘It was all down to me having an eating disorder so that is what made me get better – but it took four years for everything to regulate itself if that makes sense and eventually, I tried a bit too hard and I got pregnant with twins! But yeah, it was amazing!’

    Christine McGuinness now has three children with husband and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness. They’re proud parents to six-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, and two-year-old Felicity.

    Christine also opened up about her pregnancy with the twins, saying ‘Do you know my pregnancy was really really good! I was tired like you know, most are for the first twelve weeks.’

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    However, she revealed that she did have a scare at one point where she feared she had lost the twins. She added: ‘I had a really heavy bleed, really heavy at three months. I was convinced I must’ve lost them but yeah, I went for a scan and they said, “no they’re absolutely fine.” Apparently that can happen with twins or in any pregnancy really, it can happen.

    ‘You can bleed through your pregnancy but the thought of losing them, I’d already fallen in love with them. These were babies to me and for people that that does happen to, god I can’t imagine how that must be.’

    Giovanna shared a photo of Christine McGuinness on her podcast, writing ‘Manchester you were brilliant.’

    ‘The love in the room was amazing and I’m so thankful to my amazing guests for sharing so honestly about matters close to their hearts. A mixture of emotions with plenty of laughter sprinkled on top. ❤️🙌🏼’.