David Beckham shows relaxed parenting style as he reveals sweet snap of Harper Seven doing his make up

The father of four let his daughter practice her make up skills

David, Victoria and Harper Seven Beckham
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David Beckham has revealed he's up for anything as he shares a sweet snap of daughter Harper Seven doing his make up on social media.

Despite being 'cosmetic obsessed', Harper, 12, is banned from wearing make up outside the house. So she is obviously brushing up on her skills at home with dad David, who clearly didn't mind being the model for his lookalike daughter.

He jokingly told his 81 million Instagram followers, tagging wife Victoria: "Daddy apparently needed a little powder and contouring (not sure what that means but I looked better whatever it was). My little makeup artist @victoriabeckham."

A love for cosmetics obviously runs in the family as former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria is founder of multi-million pound brand Victoria Beckham Beauty.

David and Harper have an extremely close relationship and he and his wife Victoria often share snippets of their family life with their social media followers. 

When Harper turned 12 in July, dad David gushed on Instagram: "Happy Birthday my pretty lady. Keep being beautiful inside and out. You are the most amazing little girl a daddy could wish for."

The pair love spending time together, and clearly enjoy a good concert. In a recent Instagram post, the father and daughter duo can be seen singing along at a Harry Styles concert in matching pink feather boas.

Fans were loving the moment, as one wrote: "Cute relationship they have 😍," while another said: "Omg this is adorable lol."

And in another cute post shared by Victoria, Harper and David are seen making fresh salsa together for burritos, as the 12-year-old dances to salsa music in between cooking.

The Beckhams are often praised for their relaxed parenting style by fans, with many commenting about how much they love that Harper dresses 'age appropriate".

One fan said: "I love so much that she dresses like a beautiful young girl and not trying in any way to look older … it’s so refreshing."

And another commented: "I love how you guys 'allow' [her] to dress and behave like a 'normal' 12-year-old girl."

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