Victoria Beckham reveals daughter Harper is banned from wearing makeup 'outside the house' despite being 'obsessed' with cosmetics

David and Victoria Beckham's 11-year-old daughter, Harper, is not allowed to show off her strong makeup skills in public

Victoria Beckham's daughter Harper is banned from wearing makeup 'outside the house'
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Victoria Beckham has revealed that her daughter Harper is forbidden from wearing makeup outside of the house despite being 'obsessed' with cosmetics. 

The British fashion designer offered the parenting insight while discussing her bestselling makeup range in a recent interview.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Victoria revealed that Harper, 11, shares her own passion for beauty. 

The 49-year-old said that Harper often joins her when she's shopping for cosmetics, before adding that the young Beckham is "obsessed with makeup" and already knows all of the products in Sephora and Space NK. 

Victoria also said that she treats her only daughter to makeup as a reward for doing well in school, revealing, "If she does well in a test I’ll take her to the one down the road — it’s her favourite thing." 


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The Spice Girl member went on to praise Harper's application skills, explaining that she "she’s been able to do a full face and contour for quite some time. She’s good at doing it very naturally." 

Despite her wealth of beauty knowledge, Harper isn't allowed to show off her finished creations outside of the house. Victoria didn't explain the reason behind this rule, but it's likely to loosen as the famous schoolgoer gets older. 

It appears that Posh Spice and husband David Beckham also run a tight ship with their sons, expecting Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 20, and Cruz, 18, to also show respect and follow their rules. 

"We are very strict parents," David Beckham told the Telegraph. "We want to bring them up as closely as possible to how we were brought up because you have to give them manners, you have to give them boundaries and our children definitely have that."


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Victoria's high standards for her children may also spring from her own negative experiences at school, which included being bullied and feeling isolated. 

In a powerful July 2020 article for Vogue Australia about the importance of kindness, the mum-of-four wrote that she was 'awkward' as a teenager and 'didn't have a huge amount of friends.' 

"When Harper started school, I said to her: 'If you’re ever in the playground and there’s a little girl who is sitting on her own, ask her to play with you, go up and engage with her, because Mummy used to be that little girl.' I want everyone to know that no one is on their own when Harper is around," she continued. 

"The fact I can talk to Harper about that and how girls should be kind to girls.. really I use my own experiences and share that." 

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