A DIY novice shares a hack to paint drawer knobs using a potato and it's incedible

Drawer knobs
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A woman has shared the simple hack to paint drawer knobs using a potato and fellow DIY-ers have been mindblown by the results.

Forget cleaning hacks and washing hacks, with many home transformations still going on, a lot of people are keen to know the latest DIY hacks.

Anyone who has ever tried to paint anything will know how difficult it is to allow an object to dry without falling over and ruining all of your hard work while giving a professional finish.

Well, now there's a simple life hack you can use to help paint cupboard door knobs or drawer knobs after one woman shared her simple method and it involves using a big potato.

Tanya had previously uploaded a photo of her bathroom renovation to DIY on a Budget Facebook group but when she shared the handy way she was painting her drawer knobs as her next project, other group members were shocked at the simple idea which produced great results.

She uploaded the snap and captioned it, 'When you need to paint your knobs' followed by a crying with laughter emoji, as she showed the door knobs sticking out of a potato.

Tanya Hamilton-Gill hack for painting drawer knobs

She had pushed the screw end of her drawer knobs into a raw potato and let it stand on a surface so she could paint them without them touching the surface and spoiling. And it's a perfect way of allowing them to dry or moving them somewhere else as they dry.

And other people were in awe of her handy DIY hack. The post has received more than 9k likes and almost 1k comments.

One wrote, 'Omg this is brilliant.'

Another put, 'This is actually genius lol' and a third added, 'Why haven't I thought of this before'.

Meanwhile, another DIY enthusiast had come across the dilemma until they read the advice post. They explained, 'Got similar knobs to paint. Couldn’t think how I was going to stand the upright once painted. Thanks for the tips and ideas everyone.'

The hack could be used to paint kitchen door knobs as many homeowners look to revamp their homes in lockdown.

It also means you don't have to sit around waiting for it to dry or risk marking your furniture with paint if the knobs are going to be a different colour to the rest of the furniture.

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