Why buttoning up your duvet is a must BEFORE washing - and other simple hacks to help save time

Button up bedding before washing hack, Washing on top of washing machine
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cleaning (opens in new tab) obsessed mum has shared her quick hack to help us wash our duvets much easier and it looks like we've been doing it wrong all along.

Recently we learned how a dishwasher tablet can be used to clean anything (opens in new tab) and now there's some extra help when it comes to the laundry.

Cleaning influencer Mrs D has taken to Instagram to share her time-saving hacks when it comes to washing your bedding.

Most of us are lucky that the bedsheets get unbuttoned and removed once a week, let alone, having them rebuttoned before putting them in the washer. But soon your routine could all change as a simple tip can help you save time in the long run whilst avoiding that awful post-wash tangle.

Mrs D explained, 'When putting my bedding in the washing machine I always button up the opening once I’ve removed the Duvet. This will stop your pillowcases and fitted sheet finding their way inside your duvet cover while in the washing machine.'

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Who knew?! It's as simple as this hack to revive old Ugg boots with just a 79p spray (opens in new tab).

Mrs D continued, 'This might be one of those tips that a lot of people already do, but for any who doesn't already do this have a try next time your putting your bedding in the wash machine, it will make life easier.' (sic)

She also offered another time-saving tip when washing your bedsheets and suggested putting your pillowcases and your fitted/flat sheet in the tumble dryer BEFORE your duvet cover - and not together.

She explained, 'While your duvet cover is drying, you can start to make your bed up with the fitted/flat sheet and pillowcases. By the time you have done this your duvet cover will be dry and ready to go back on your bed.'

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It will definitely save time when changing the kids M&S Percy Pig bedding set (opens in new tab).

And her followers can't get enough. One wrote, 'Oh that is a good idea. My duvet always eats everything else' another put, 'Omg this is such a good tip. Defo trying this' and a third added, 'Oh yes that was the first thing my mum taught us when we learnt to strip and make a bed. It makes life so much easier. Happy Wednesday beautiful lady x x' (sic)