Mum shares insanely easy and cheap hack to clean the pesky dust behind your radiators

So simple!
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  • A hack to help you clean dust from between your radiators has been shared by a mum who modified her vacuum cleaner in an impressive yet simple way.

    Katie Caswell stumbled across a problem while cleaning her home, like many others she struggled to clean up the dust from between her radiator.

    But then she devised an easy but effective way to modify her vacuum cleaner so that the adaptor could easily fit between the metal radiator grill slots.

    In sharing her genius tip to Hinch Army cleaning Tips Facebook group, Katie uploaded a picture of her funny-looking modification and captioned it, ‘Here is the new radiator cleaner 3000 all you need is 4 straws and a bit of tape! You will never have a problem getting that dust out now.’

    Hack to clean dust from radiators

    Move over Mrs Hinch, as Katie has been inundated with comments from people eager to try it out themselves.

    One user wrote, ‘Life changer!!!! Doing this tomorrow!!’ a second put, ‘Now I need to buy some straws!’ and a third added, ‘I do this in my car to get down the sides of seats.’

    Meanwhile, some clean conscious people shared their epic cleaning attempts at trying to get hold of the dust. One wrote, ‘Might be better than me sticking the hairdryer over the top and seeing all the dust fly out the bottom and all over the place.’

    And another wrote, ‘I have a radiator duster from Lakeland and just bought the shark car detailer from Amazon so use that… What you buy on furlough.’