This super easy heating hack to save on energy bills takes SECONDS to do

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  • Turning down your thermostat by just one degree could save you money on your energy bills every year, according to heating hack experts. 

    Energy prices are at an all-time high, with an increase expected in April 2022, leaving many people struggling to pay the bills.

    While most people want to save money on their energy costs, the existing price cap will be raised by 50%, resulting in an average annual increase of £2,000.

    Knowing how to save money on electric bills is vital, especially now that electricity and gas costs are on the rise. The massive price increase is expected as a result of increased global demand for gas and power following the Covid pandemic and in light of the conflict in Ukraine.

    If you’re worried about the potential energy costs, it turns out that the simple trick of turning your thermostat down by just ONE degree can help save you money.

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    According to experts at USwitch, lowering your thermostat by one degree can save you £80 per year on your heating bill.

    Two-thirds of households (or 17.7 million) are setting up their thermostats to over 20°C, according to research from the comparison site, which was first released in November. A further 2.7 million households are increasing the temperature to at least 25 ° C.

    USwitch’s Energy Expert, Sarah Broomfield, says, “With temperatures falling, many of us have already turned our heating on but it’s amazing to think that an estimated two million homes are currently hotter than Tenerife.”

    Lowering your energy use is the most basic way to reduce your energy bills. You’ll save money by using less energy and turning on your heater less often.

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    Draught excluders, which can cost as little as a few pounds, are a great way to conserve heat in your home and help you resist the urge to crank the heating up.

    You can also get the most out of your central heating by bleeding your radiators or switching to a genius radiator trick that uses tin foil and tape to keep heat from escaping cold rooms.