Fearne Cotton has the most relatable response to whether she’s ready for more children

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  • Mum-of-two Fearne Cotton is also step-mum to husband Jesse Wood’s two children and she’s far too tired to consider welcoming any more children to her family...

    Author and radio presenter Fearne is so sleep deprived she couldn’t contemplate having any more children in the near future. How many fellow parents can relate to that?!

    She’s mum to five-year-old Rex and two-year-old Honey and like most parents Fearne admits that parenthood can be exhausting as well as exhilarating.

    When we asked her if she’d like any more children soon Fearne candidly replied: ‘I’m not really thinking about that right now because I am so sleep deprived and have so many jobs that I literally can’t even go there.’

    She added: ‘I feel really happy with my gang and the set up that we’ve got and I feel really grateful for it so that is kind of where I am at with it.’

    Speaking to GoodtoKnow to discuss her new range of kids clothes for Boots Mini Club Fearne opened up about how Rex and Honey have very different styles and why she thinks it is important to let kids express themselves through their clothes.

    Fearne showing off some of the new Boots Mini Club collection 

    When asked if Rex and Honey’s personality are reflected in their style Fearne replied: ‘Oh definitely I mean Rex is really just up for just trying any old thing and putting all sorts of bizarre outfits on together like you know shirt, tie, waistcoat with a hoody over the top and a pair of crocs and socks.

    ‘Like he’s all about just doing you know whatever he pleases with clothing and Honey is probably a little bit more of a tomboy and likes wearing quite boyish shapes, leggings and t-shirts and things. But yeah I kind of just let them do their own thing really I think it is fun for them to express how they want to express themselves in their clothing.’

    When the kids are not under the restrictions of school uniforms Fearne likes to let them dress however they want and avoid any long battles of trying to get them to wear a specific outfit as best as she can.

    Fearne explained: ‘Oh god, Rex just goes in his room and puts on whatever he wants to do and whatever he wants to wear. With Honey, obviously she is still very tiny still so I have to get her dressed but I do have to go in and go through this kind of painstaking process of “this t-shirt” “no” “this t-shirt” “no” until she finally says yes so that is really laborious but still preferable to putting her in an outfit she hates and is freaking out at me.

    ‘So yeah the joys of parenthood…’

    Fearne recently posted a picture of one of Rex’s wackiest fashion choices. He picked out a shirt, tie, waistcoat, Chelsea football top, swimming trunks, socks and Crocs and a backwards cap.

    Speaking about the outfit Fearne joked: ‘It was ridiculous but I just thought “you know what good on you mate, you’ve chosen that and you feel good in it” and that is all that matters so who am I to say you can’t wear that and they have to conform enough at school so god let them go for it when they are not at school.’

    Fearne has never faced any criticism for letting her kids choose their quirky outfits and says if she did she would tell them to ‘F off’.

    Fearne admitted that sometimes giving the kids freedom over their fashion choices can be time consuming but it’s important to let them express themselves.

    Although she stresses that she feels in no place to give advice because she’s still learning everything as she goes along Fearne did say: ‘I think just let your kids wear what they want to wear like, you know if you are looking for your kid to be the perfect kind of catalogue kid then good luck because I do not fancy that battle everyday.

    ‘But, you know I think really it is about letting your kids do what they want to do and learning to put things together and enjoying that as expressing themselves I think that is really fun so.’

    What is the craziest things your kids have wanted to wear out? Do you let them get dressed in whatever they want and do you have any advice for other parents? Head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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