From wireless chargers and cooking pots to bicycles, these are the 4 items recalled last month over child safety fears - here’s what to do if you own one

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has recalled certain products over fears they could cause burns, falls or choking hazards

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Four toys have been recalled this month by The Office for Product Safety and Standards over fears they could endanger children's safety - this is what you need to do if you own one. 

Especially as kids enjoy time off from school for their Easter holidays, finding things to do with kids to keep them entertained for every minute of every day can feel impossible. 

It can be hard to find time to properly play with your kids with all the household chores that need to be done and the work that piles up and never seems to end, and we do know that just 10 minutes a day playing with mum or dad can boost a child's development, but still, sending them off with their favourite toys for a bit of peace and quiet every now and then is a dream. 

However, not all toys made for children end up being safe for them. That's why we rely on The Office for Product Safety and Standards to test, retest, and alert us when toys on the market aren't as safe as first thought. And this month the office has recalled four products over fears they could cause burns and falls or pose choking hazards.

1. GT LaBomba Bicycles and Frameset Model Years 2019-2023

GT bicycles brought between the years of 2019 and 2023 have been recalled after customer reports of the down-tube [the part of the bike frame that connects the front tube of the frame to the back] detaching from the bicycle frame mid-ride which has caused many children to fall off their bike and receive injuries as a result. 

If you brought any of the following GT bicycles, take the bike back to the store where you brought it, or any authorised GT dealer, and they will replace the bicycle frame at no charge; GT Model Years 2019-23 LaBomba 24 bicycles, GT Model Years 2019-23 LaBomba 26, GT Model Years 2019-23 LaBomba Pro bicycles, GT Model Years 2019-23 LaBomba Rigid bicycles, GT Model Years 2019-23 LaBomba 26 bicycle frames. 

2. Light Up Unicorn Wand

The Light Up Unicorn Wand has been recalled as the item's battery compartment is not properly secured and any child playing with the item can access the batteries, presenting a choking hazard for young children. Additionally, the chemicals in the batteries pose a serious risk of burns, leaving The Office for Product Safety and Standards to urge parents to remove the toy from their home and contact the retailer they brought the item from for information regarding a refund. 

3. Merkury Innovations, Lifestyle Advanced, Simplytech, Tech Theory Wireless Charger

These wireless chargers, sold in TkMaxx stores across the country, have been recalled after it was found that, if a metal object is placed near these chargers while they are in use, the products can overheat and may even melt or burn skin if touched.

The items were sold in stores between September 2023 and February 2024. To check if the charger you brought is one of these faulty models, look for the receipt codes 472958, 472962, 472984, 475522, 488002, 490524, 506322, 506379, 512514, 525283 or 525489 on your TkMaxx receipt. 

Failing that, the exact names of the chargers are; Tech Theory Tech Theory Magnetic Air Vent Wireless Charger - TT-MARVC-01, Simply Tech (Smart Mount) - IFR-MOUNT, Merkury 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station - MI-QIS07-101, and Lifestyle Advanced Aura Powerhouse + Sound Machine - LASP-2800SM. 

If you have brought a faulty charger, you can easily report so on the TkMaxx recall site.

4. MSR, Trail Lite and Reactor Camping Cooking Pots

If you brought either one of the MSR, Trail Lite or Reactor Camping Cooking Pots between the years of 2008 and February 2024, you can access the MSR recall site to return your item as they've now been found to be faulty. 

The issue is that the pot handle of some of these pots can come loose or completely disengaged, creating a burns hazard which is especially dangerous for young children. 

So, if you've brought the Reactor 1.0 L or 1.7 L Stove System, the Reactor 1.0 L or 1.7 L Pot, the PocketRocket Stove Kit, the Trail Lite Solo Cook Set, or the Trail Lite Duo Cook Set, make sure to return the item. 

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