Georgia Tennant slams Facebook for removing breastfeeding photo

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  • Breastfeeding is a natural part of many mum’s routines, but Georgia Tennant has hit back at Facebook for ‘sexualising’ one of her photos.

    Taking to Instagram, Georgia Tennant criticised the social network’s decision to remove a photograph of her breastfeeding eight-month-old daughter Birdie.

    In her caption, she wrote, ‘@facebook just removed this photo because it violated their policy on sexual images.

    Sort your shit out @zuck or I’ll come round there and squirt you in the eye. #breastfeeding #ifyouthinkthisissexualitmaybeyouthatistheissue?’

    Georgia wasn’t holding back with her response, and many of her fans agreed with her position that breastfeeding photos should be normalised.

    One wrote, ‘Since when is feeding a baby sexual I don’t understand the virtual world sometimes smh’

    Another added, ‘This photo just shows one of the most natural things a woman’s body can do. Also one of the oldest things to ever exist. I definitely see nothing wrong with that! The issue is definitely them!’

    A third wrote, ‘How is this sexual?? You’re caring for your child!’

    And a fourth added, ‘You’re nursing your child there’s nothing sexual about that it’s a beautiful, natural thing! 💖💖’

    According to Facebook’s posting guidelines, it states that most breastfeeding photos are allowed as long as the mother’s nipple isn’t visible.

    Georgia frequently uses her platform to raise awareness of important issues.

    Earlier this month, she shared a photograph of her in a medical gown and revealed the importance of cervical screenings and smear tests.

    Georgia wrote, ‘Here I am on 22nd February 2018. Although ‘tis indeed a fetching look, if you’d like to learn more about why you should never miss a smear test please read the story attached in bio.’

    In a blog post, she opened up about seeing abnormalities in her test and how it had scared her into ‘planning her own funeral’.

    Thankfully they had managed to remove the cancer before it became fatal.

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