We tried mum's 'divisive' laundry hack for drying more clothes – and it makes perfect sense to us

Some say it’s “so smart”, while others have branded it a “recipe for mould”

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One mum has revealed her “life-saving trick” to dry her baby’s clothes – and it saves SO much space.

Parents will be all too familiar with the endless cycle of laundry you have to go through when you have a newborn, and will no doubt be concerned about how much a tumble dryer costs to run when considering the cheapest way to dry clothes

For many, the main difficulty is finding enough space to actually hang your baby’s clean clothes, especially as pegging them on the line outside isn’t an option during the winter months. Thankfully, one mum has shared her clever tip for drying more clothes at once.

Showing us her new-found way to hang baby bodysuits, @manifestingmegan on TikTok said: “I wish I knew this trick sooner. This little life hack, instead of having them up like normally, doing them up with the poppers saves so much space.”


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By hanging her baby’s bodysuits by the poppers instead of folding them in the middle, Megan was able to hang five bodysuits instead of two, which she’s dubbed a “life-saving trick”.  Other TikTok users were quick to join the conversation with one commenting: “You genius!!! Doing this on washing day!” Another said: “I do this on the washing line in the summer outside...it's great.” 

GoodtoKnow editor Anna Bailey has a one-year-old daughter and decided to put the laundry hack to the test. She told us: "The best thing about this hack is it saved the amount of space that's needed for drying clothes. We have two dryers in the house, and we usually have to use both after a baby clothes wash – but this means now we only need one out at a time. My husband is always complaining the place looks like a launderette, so he's much happier too. I also used this hack for hanging up my daughter's bibs, cardigan, dungarees and sleeping bag. Such a clever idea."

Talking of baby clothes, Anna has another top tip for getting more life out of your sleepsuits. "Babygrow extenders are brilliant for getting a few months of additional wear out of suits that are just starting to get a bit small around the bottom but still fit well on top." You can buy a packet of three on Amazon for around £6.

Baby clothes hanging on a laundry dryer

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But not everyone was in agreement with the video that’s been shared almost 500 times – one user claimed it was a “recipe for mould”. 

Megan responded: “It’s in the bathroom. I have a fan that constantly runs even when it’s off. Trust me iv [sic] had mold [sic] problems iv [sic] done another vid about it.” 

If you’re concerned about mould in your home, you could try filling a bucket with water and a mild detergent such as washing up liquid or a detergent used for handwashing clothes and using a cloth to wipe the mould away gently and carefully. 

Mould is particularly common during November and January, and not only causes issues in your home but can also mean bad news for your health. To prevent mould when it comes to laundry, Vlatka Lake, storage expert at Space Station, says: ““With winter in full swing, we can no longer rely on hanging our clothes outside to dry, but air-drying our clothes indoors can leave them smelly if they’re not dried fully. 

“By having a designated drying space in your home will help to keep your laundry fresh for longer. Aim for a space that is well-ventilated with windows to allow a steady stream of fresh air to your clothes. 

“If your home feels like it needs some added help when it comes to preventing mould, add a dehumidifier to your space to combat those musty smells and mould growth.” 

Babies and children are more sensitive to mould, so if the mould keeps reappearing, it might be time to call a professional. 

If you're concerned about the rising cost of your energy bills, we explain how to dry clothes without a dryer this winter and the mould in your home might be due condensation – this is exactly how to stop condensation on windows.  

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