IKEA shares easy fort ideas for kids to make during lockdown

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  • IKEA has shared easy ideas for how kids can make fun forts.

    With the kids off school and at home during lockdown it can be difficult to come up with activities to keep them constantly entertained.

    Once home-schooling sessions are wrapped up there are still a good number of hours in the day before they finally retire up to their bedrooms and leave the evening open for a glass (or bottle) of wine.

    And it seems there’s only so much colouring, reading, drawing, painting and outdoor play that little ones can do before they get just as bored as us.

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    So IKEA has shared a lovely activity for kids to get involved in while they’re stuck at home – and you don’t even have to splash out on any new supplies.

    The cult furniture shop has shared six different images for how kids can make different types of forts using only home furniture and bits that are lying around the house.

    And we love the ideas they’ve come up with.

    IKEA instructions for how to build a fort

    IKEA House fort

    ikea instructions forts lockdown

    Credit: IKEA

    For kids who want to create their own space away from their parents, the House fort simply needs a big table that you can cover with blankets to make their own space.

    Make sure the blankets reach the floor on all sides and weigh down with books, but keep one side open for little ones to get in and out.

    IKEA Wigwam fort

    ikea instructions forts lockdown

    Credit: IKEA

    For kids who want a bit of fairy tale forest adventure, we love the Wigwam design complete with fairy lights to add a bit of extra magic.

    And if you really want to create the fairy tale forest vibe, create this out in the garden to get the imagination flowing.

    IKEA Castle fort

    ikea instructions forts lockdown

    Credit: IKEA

    For a real fairy tale adventure go for the Castle option.

    An easy build using only four chairs, with a blanket over the top and a fairy light bedazzled pole to hold up the top.

    Add in some rugs and cushions for some comfort!

    IKEA Camping Tent fort

    ikea instructions forts lockdown

    Credit: IKEA

    If your little ones are missing getting out into nature, rustle up the Camping Tent fort.

    Chuck a clothing rack out in the garden and cover with some blankets for a near-authentic camping experience.

    IKEA Cave fort

    ikea instructions forts lockdown

    Credit: IKEA

    This is one for the little ones!

    Just tuck a blanket into the back of an armchair and weigh down the other side on the floor with some books for a lovely little cave.

    IKEA Fortress fort

    ikea instructions forts lockdown

    Credit: IKEA

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    For the ultimate fortress, rearrange your sofa cushions and cover with a blanket for the kids to hide away.

    Now sit back, let the kids play and maybe treat yourself to a cheeky glass.