This free hack takes seconds to do and will keep your kids entertained on a walk this summer

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The weather is getting warmer again, which means parents are looking for ways to keep kids entertained on long family walks.

As the summer holidays approach, it's that time of year again where parents start looking for things to do with kids during their time off school. While some may opt for a city break, seeking out the best free things to do in London with the family, others prefer to get outside in nature and take their kids on a nice country walk.

But while the fresh air and exercise might be good for them, not all kids enjoy the idea of a family walk, and sometimes parents are in need of ways to keep them entertained. Luckily, one TikTok mum has shared her cheap and easy idea - and all you need is a pen, a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors.

Mum-of-two Megan Roberts shared this sweet activity on TikTok, where the video has since racked up over one million views and almost 70 thousand likes. In the video, she cuts out the shape of a lion's head from a piece of cardboard, drawing its face in the middle and poking holes around the outside where the mane is.

While on the walk her kids search for flowers they can pick and put through the holes in the cardboard. At the end of the walk, Megan shows the pretty creation, with colourful wildflowers making up the lion's mane. She captions the video, "Try this to keep your little ones entertained on a walk this spring / summer 🌞💐".


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Many TikTok users were impressed by Megan's homemade activity. One commented, "Omg adorable and so smart!!! Definitely gonna do this! 🥰", while another said, "This is such a cute idea! Good motor skill activity too 👏".

Others suggested things you could do with the pretty creations after the walk, with one saying, "I think it would be pretty cute if you pressed the flowers when you get home,". Another user added, "Put it in a press, then frame it 🥰".

And some pointed out that you might not get very far on your walk if you use this hack to keep kids occupied, with one commenting, "Love it! wouldn't walk far but kiddo would be so happy 🥰", while another said, "Wouldn't be much of a walk 😆".

If you do fancy trying this activity, make sure you're familiar with where and which flowers you are allowed to pick. While council-maintained areas and nature reserves are off limits, wild flowers are generally fine. 

However, some types of flower are protected, such as Bluebells, so you should not pick these. You can find the full list of protected flowers at

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