A third of grandchildren asked for the ‘most important life lessons’ grandparents taught them, reveal one surprising answer

It's a good skill to have through all stages of life

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Grandchildren were asked which life lesson passed down by grandparents was 'most important' to them - the answer given by a third, might be surprising.

Grandparents can be such an important part of their grandchildren's lives. Children who have a good relationship with their grandparents are said to have fewer emotional and behavioural problems, with more than half now stepping in to look after grandchildren while parents work - cementing their place as a valuable part of a functioning family unit. 

When you think of the positive habits to last a lifetime passed down by older family members, teaching manners or relaying relationship advice are likely to spring to mind. However, a study reveals a different lesson deemed 'most important' by grandchildren.

Financial services company Legal & General surveyed 2,000 grandparents and 2,000 grandchildren. The grandchildren were asked about the 'most important life lessons' grandparents taught them. Almost a third (30%) revealed the top life lesson passed down to them was 'financial and money-saving advice.'

With 44% of grandparents surveyed suggesting they often give given money as a birthday or Christmas gift, this offers the perfect opportunity to impart their financial wisdom to those they've gifted cash. This can begin important conversations about budgeting and saving, ensuring young people grow up with a sense of responsibility when it comes to money management. 

"Grandchildren were asked about the 'most important life lessons' grandparents taught them. Almost a third (30%) revealed the top life lesson passed down to them was 'financial and money-saving advice."

Speaking to London Love Business, Paula Llewellyn, Chief Marketing Officer, and Direct MD of Legal & General Retail said: "The study evokes a reminder of the immeasurable impact that grandparents have on their grandchildren’s lives. From imparting invaluable life lessons to providing emotional support, grandparents serve as beacons of wisdom and guidance for younger generations."

She adds "In an age where the cost of living continues to bite, the study highlights how grandparents help ease the financial burden on their families while passing down important life skills. The study’s findings underscore the significance of preserving intergenerational connections and the values that grandparents impart to their grandchildren."

Mum-of-two, Lucy, shares "My nan's favourite saying was 'take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.' As a mother-of-nine, she was proud that my granddad's small wages were carefully stretched to make sure everyone had enough to eat, and were well 'turned out.' I can remember my mum repeating that same mantra, and nan encouraged everyone to keep an actual jar of our pennies. I used to delight in counting them and taking it all to the bank with her when it was full. My mum now does the same with my children."  

Did you know five types of grandparents have been identified by experts, and yours is sure to be on the list. Looking after grandchildren is better for the brain than soduku, while many share the feeling that voluntarily involved grandparents are the best thing that can happen to a family. 

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