Wean in 15: Joe Wicks’ new book could be a lifesaver for parents everywhere

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  • The Bodycoach Joe Wicks has written a new cookbook all about weaning, and it could be a lifesaver for parents everywhere.

    Joe Wicks is no stranger to a cookbook, and his latest one looks like it could be an essential for families.

    Recently, the Bodycoach has been helping us through lockdown thanks to his easy to follow family workouts.

    And now his new cookbook, Wean in 15, promises to help parents through the often tricky weaning process.

    To bring the book to life, he drew from his own real-life experiences.

    Joe is dad to daughter Indie, and uses his experience alongside advice from a nutritionist to provide up-to-date information.

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    The official blurb reads, ‘Wean in 15 includes everything you need to take your baby from breastfeeding, through first foods, to enjoying family mealtimes.

    ‘Joe draws from his experience of weaning his daughter Indie, working with a leading registered nutritionist to create the most comprehensive baby bible for modern parents.

    ‘Weaning can be a daunting prospect, but Joe cuts through all of the confusing information and shares the simple trustworthy knowledge that he’s found so helpful.’

    There’ll be advice on when to start weaning, how much food to give your child, and how to adapt adult meals into purees and finger foods that are easy for little ones to eat.

    Beyond this, there’s also advice on time management and how to do food prep with shopping lists and freezable items.

    We’re sure this will be handy given the current COVID-19 situation!

    The blurb ends by saying, ‘With one hundred tasty recipes split into age stages, expert help with nutrients, allergies, supplements and fussy eaters, as well as knowing how to understand your child’s signals, this is the only weaning guide you will ever need to lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, happy eating.’

    Joe has written plenty of cookbooks before, including his popular Lean in 15 series which features The Shift Plan, The Shape Plan, The Sustain Plan, and a vegetarian version.

    Wean in 15 will be available to buy from 14th May 2020, and can be preordered from Amazon now.

    It costs £16.99 for the hardcover edition, or £8.99 for the Kindle one.