Parents criticise £80 LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise! for being a 'rip off'

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Parents have slammed the LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise! on social media for being a 'rip off', after a mum shared what kids can expect to find inside.

The toy is one of Amazon's top toys for this Christmas, and costs £84.99.

It's described as 'the ultimate unboxing experience', with more than 60 surprises inside and limited edition LOL Surprise Dolls, Pet and Lil Sister.

But some parents don't think the toy matches the expectations it sets, after one mum shared a picture of what can be found inside.

Natalie Harrison wrote alongside the picture on Facebook, which has now been shared over 27,000 times: 'Anyone thinking of buying the lol bigger surprise for £84.99 this is what you get'.

The snap shows four smalls dolls and a series of accessories for them, which did not impress many parents who took to the comments section to say they thought the popular toy is a 'rip off'.

One wrote: 'People have clearly got more money than sense'; while another said: 'what a rip off'.

A third said: 'Even the wee ones are a rip off, Ava is obsessed with them!! Think I'll get her a couple of wee ones for her stocking and that will be it! I couldn't part with that amount for that 😳'.

However, despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction her post received, the mum explained that she was not criticising the toy when she shared the post, but simply wanted to show other parents what kids can expect to get when they open it.

The 30-year-old mum told Bristol Live: 'A lot of my friends have daughters who are into the whole LOL craze and I just wanted to make them aware of what was in the Bigger Surprise one. I never imagined it would create as much attention as it has, it really is crazy.

'I never stated what you get in a negative way and my children did spend a good 45 minutes opening them, so to me their enjoyment was priceless.

'I just know there are some parents out there that would get this for their child and not much else and wanted to give them the heads up.'

Last year, another mum also took to social media to criticise the LOL Big Surprise, which at the time was retailing at £59.99 and promised 50 gifts in each ball.

She wrote at the time: 'So elisa got the big lol surprise today I would definately not recommend if you don’t want to waste your money the pic on the right is all you get just pre warning yas (bucket not included).'

Have you ever bought one of the LOL Big Surprise or LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise!? Were your children disappointed? Head over to our Facebook and let us know in the comments!

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