Martin Lewis shares easy hack to get essential groceries for free

Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis has shared an easy hack to get essential groceries completely for free. 

The famous money saving expert published the information in his newsletter this week, revealing that it was possible to pick up groceries from the likes of Asda, Sainsbury's and Co-op for free.

Along with the hack to knock thousands off your council tax this year, this simple groceries saving is the trick that many people need this month. Martin also revealed earlier this week that millions of people will see their energy bills rise by £100 in April. Don't forget, £20 notes expire in 2021, so ensure you spend them before they go out of circulation.

To score the easy savings on milk, teabags, chocolate and more, shoppers need to just use supermarket coupons in "the right way".

Speaking on the Martin Lewis Money Show, he explained that savvy shoppers could get free PG Tips Plus tea bags (which have added vitamins) from Co-op by going onto the manufacturer's website and signing up for the coupon. The coupon is valid on three different types of PG Tips Plus products and will be sent via email or text to anyone who signs up.

However, much like many of the coupons advertised in Martin Lewis' newsletter, they have to be redeemed in store rather than online.

Shoppers can also pick up a 1L Jord Organic Oat Drink completely for free from Asda, Co-Op or Sainsbury's via a coupon. This one works via Shopmium, the cashback app, so after signing up to the app, people will have to buy the milk product and they'll be refunded the £1.80 later.

The app itself is a great way to save money on essential groceries, as it lists all the discounts available at major supermarkets all over the UK. It's free to downloads and to claim your cash back, you just have to scan the receipt. Easy!

The third major saver that Martin Lewis was keen to tell supermarket shoppers about this week was the saving on Lindt chocolate - perfect for Easter 2021. The £2 saving on the Lindt Excellence 100g chocolate bar is available from Shopmium as well, so it works in any supermarket.

Recent coupons also include free £2 porridge sachets from Sainsbury's, as well as savings on yoghurt, ice cream and pasta sauce.

Best be quick though, some of these top Martin Lewis coupons for free groceries only last a few more days!

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