New mother left raging as husband insists on giving their new baby this bizarre name

Err, what?
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  • Naming a baby can be a difficult process if both parents just can't agree.

    One mother-to-be has shared her anger online after her husband insisted on naming their baby son a seriously odd name that she has dubbed ‘the supidest ever’.

    The despairing woman took to Reddit to reveal her woes and explain her ‘maths genius’ husband is keen to name their first child something numerical related.

    My husband and I are expecting our first child – a boy – in a couple of months. My husband and his parents are all math geniuses and wanted his name to include some math reference,’ she wrote.

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    Explaining she initially assumed the suggestion to give their baby boy a mathematical moniker was a joke, the pregnant poster went on, ‘I thought it was a cute and funny idea. Recently, my husband thought of a name. I thought of names too. I like Dylan, Jared and Loren. My husband was like “um, yeah. I was thinking Cube”.

    Like a Rubik Cube. I thought he was joking but he was serious,’ she wrote, explaining the meaning behind the strange name.

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    I told him that was the stupidest name ever. He told me to think of it as ‘Cute.’ I told him I’d rather name him Sweater before Cube.’

    Having shared the sticky predicament, she asked commenters for their advice and many were on the same side.

    When she says her husband and parents are math geniuses I thought they would come up with some name that’s like a niche math reference or maybe some reference to a mathematician. But then they just came up with… Cube,’ one confused respondent penned.

    You’d have to travel to the four corners of the world to find a stupider name,’ agreed a second, while a third chipped in, ‘LOL who names their kid cube, what a block head.’

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