Mum warns parents about he dangers of bottle lids after her son almost suffocated

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  • A mum-of-three has taken to Facebook to warn parents about plastic bottle lids as they can cause suffocation.

    Kelly Jones shared a video of her partner Joe showing how a plastic lid left their baby son Taylan unable to breathe.

    Captioning the video, Kelly wrote: ‘Please be aware guys this happened to Taylan this morning… thankfully we got it off him in time x’

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    The video shows Joe placing the lid over the nose of a toy dog, showing how easily it could’ve suffocated son Taylan.

    Joe said: ‘As you can see, it’s just a standard baby bottle. However, my son was playing with the lid earlier as he always does.’

    He added that Taylan had been chewing on the lid to alleviate teething pains, but had accidentally got the whole thing stuck over his face.

    Joe continued: ‘It literally covered the whole of his mouth and nose so he couldn’t breathe.

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    ‘I managed to pull it off his face and he’s okay thankfully, but this is for all the parents, godparents and grandparents, just to make everyone aware that the bottle lid can be very dangerous.’

    He ended the video with a warning, telling other parents to ‘be very careful’ if their baby was playing with a bottle lid.

    Facebook users praised the couple for raising awareness, with one writing: ‘Never thought about that. Well done for making this video. Glad your baby is ok 👌’.

    Another added: ‘Glad your little boys okay. My little girl loves playing with the lids (when I haven’t lost them) but I will have to be careful now.’

    ‘Fair play to your other half taking the time to do this 👍🏻’ Said another.

    Thank you to Kelly for sharing this important video, we’re so pleased Taylan is okay!