Mum warns parents over the dangers of this popular baby craze - it looks cute but could prove fatal

The warning has racked up more than 7K likes but are you aware of the hidden risks?

Baby wearing a headband
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Mum warns parents over the dangers of babies wearing headbands - it might look cute but here's why it could prove fatal.

The young mum who has the TikTok user name @katieandariam has shared a clip warning parents about why she won't ever dress her baby daughter Aria in a headband with a bow.

It comes after parent warned over fake Bluey episodes on YouTube and the benefits warning for parents who allow their children to play truant.

Katie explains why she was put off using the popular accessory and the warning clip has racked up more than 7,000 likes on the social media platform.

She said, “Two reasons why I stopped putting headbands on my baby. They are unsafe without supervision.”

A simple car journey, with a baby strapped into even one of the best car seat for babies cannot help stop what unfolded,  as it almost turned into a nightmare, when Katie discovered that her baby girl's headband had moved from the top of her head to “covering her eyes.”


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She recalled, “Luckily I caught this straight away because I have a mirror but I was the only person in the car so can you imagine the panic that I went through.

“As your little one shifts and moves about, especially when they are sleeping, the elastic can become a real danger to them.

“It can cause suffocation and it can cause strangulation.

“If that headband had creeped down a little bit more, it could have blocked her breathing.”

Baby crying with headband on

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The mum then went on to give a second reason for refusing to put the headwear on her baby and this was due to the tightness of the band.

She added, "If you think about it as adults, when we wear headbands, they can give us a bit of a headache after some time if they are too tight.

“They are uncomfortable and babies can’t tell us this.

“It’s not something you are going to want to put on their head when it is growing.”

And parents have shared their thoughts on the trend.

One mum commented, "Yeah headbands are cute but I only put them on my daughter to take pics then take them straight off xx"

Another mum said, "I learnt recently that as their skulls aren't fully formed together that wearing headbands can cause damage."

And a third added, "I use to love headbands until I looked in my daughters Moses basket and it was round her throat! She never one one again after that x"

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