Best Moses baskets 2021: 11 tried and tested Moses baskets for your baby

Want to buy a Moses basket for your baby but have no idea where to start?
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  • A Moses basket is the perfect first bed for your baby. The question is, which are the best Moses baskets on sale, and how do you choose the right Moses basket for your newborn?

    Our baby gear editor Heidi Scrimgeour has rounded up her pick of the best Moses baskets out there and then asked a panel of mums to put them to the test. All the Moses baskets featured are suitable from birth. We tested them over a period of several weeks with babies aged between six weeks and three months old. Read on to see what our testers thought of each one, and find out which is the best Moses basket for you.

    Best Moses baskets at a glance

    The Alysha Moses Basket by Mack + Milo gets our vote as the best Moses basket you can buy. It’s affordably priced but the design appeal is off the charts – it looks like a luxurious, premium product. There’s no need to buy any pricy extras because they’re all included. And that means no annoying hidden costs. In particular, we like the stylish look and feel of this Moses basket and the fact that you’ll get plenty of change from £100.

    Best Moses basket overall: Mack + Milo Alysha Moses Basket – Wayfair | £70.00
    Best premium Moses basket: PurFlo Breathable Bassinet – JoJo Maman Bébe | £149
    Best budget Moses basket: Natural Knitted Moses Basket – The Little Green Sheep | £79.95
    Tommee Tippee Sleepee –
    Argos | £99.99
    Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1 – Boots | £199
    MoKee WoolNest – MoKee | £95.92
    Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket – Amazon | £103.17

    Things to consider when buying a Moses basket

    Even for daytime naps, your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first six months. Research shows that the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS) is lower when babies sleep in a cot or crib in the same room as their parents. Sharing a room with your baby is also convenient since you’ll hear when your baby stirs. After six months, your baby can safely sleep in their own bedroom. With this in mind, check the dimensions to make sure the basket will fit in your room and that you have enough space to move around it.

    How portable do you need your Moses basket to be, overall? You might plan to move it from room to room during the day. With this in mind, choose a lightweight Moses basket. Secondly, check for sturdy handles. Next, think about whether you want a durable, sturdy basket or something made from soft, cosy fabric. Decide whether you’d like a rocking stand. This gives you the option to rock your baby to sleep without straining your back.

    1. Best Moses baskets overall: Mack + Milo Alysha Moses Basket with Stand

    Best Moses baskets overall: Mack + Milo Alysha Moses Basket with Stand

    Credit: Mack + Milo

    A luxurious wicker Moses basket with a rocking stand

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 8kg | Suitable from: 0-6m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Bedding included
    ✅ Rocking stand
    ✅ Very stylish
    ❌ Rigid structure
    ❌ More stylish than functional

    VIEW AT WAYFAIR | £70.99

    This is the best Moses basket, in our book. It’s a chic and contemporary Moses basket that comes with cosy, luxurious bedding along with a mattress. It has a rocking stand, which makes it a good choice for soothing your baby to sleep whilst sparing your back. It’s practical as well as stylish, and it’s not too heavy to move from room to room for daytime naps.

    Katie, our tester, found this easy to assemble, although some of the screws were a little stiff to put in. “Generally, it’s really simple and straightforward to put together, and it didn’t take us long to assemble it,” says Katie Prior, mum to Ryker, six weeks. “The basket liner and blanket are made from beautifully soft waffle fabric, which looks very luxurious and comfortable – it was like putting my baby to sleep on a little cloud.”

    Made from wicker, this Moses basket is sturdy and robust with a rigid, fixed hood. This means access to your baby is a little restricted, but our tester’s baby was happy being in a fairly enclosed space. This is also a good choice if you plan to move your Moses basket between rooms on the same floor. Our tester found it easy to lift and carry thanks to the robust handles. However, it’s a little bulky for taking up and down stairs frequently.

    The rocking stand is a lovely feature, although there’s no fixed setting. That means you can’t stop it from rocking. “This is a gorgeous product and great value for money,” adds Katie. “The bedding is soft and looks very comfortable, and the rocking stand is great, particularly as my baby loves being swayed to sleep.”

    2. Best premium Moses baskets: PurFlo Breathable Bassinet

    Best premium Moses baskets: PurFlo Breathable Bassinet

    Credit: PurFlo

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 9.2kg | Suitable from: 0-6m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Looks good
    ✅ Compact design
    ✅ Useful ‘soothing centre’
    ❌ Hanging toys could be more engaging
    ❌ Awkwardly positioned nightlight


    This distinctive bassinet comes with a breathable mattress and mesh sides to encourage airflow. It has a ‘soothing centre’ that plays lullabies and nature sounds, and also has two vibration modes and a nightlight. The bassinet has a hood, which comes with hanging toys, and folds down easily for easy access to your baby. This is a good choice if you’re short on space near your bed, as there’s a storage area underneath the bassinet that’s handy for baby wipes and spare nappies.

    This was easy to put together, with just a few connecting parts. “It was up and ready to use within 15 minutes,” says Katie Prior, mum to Ryker, six weeks. “Having said that, the instructions aren’t easy to follow, so we disregarded them and just used common sense!”

    Katie loves the look of this Moses basket and found the soothing centre a useful addition. “This bassinet looks soft, cosy and luxurious – the soft truffle is a lovely, warm beige colour – and the whole thing is surprisingly compact and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space,” she says.

    The lullabies and nature sounds are pleasant and not too ‘tinny’. There are a multiple volume and vibration settings, which my baby seemed to enjoy. However, the ‘nightlight’ is very bright and awkwardly positioned. As it shines directly in my baby’s face, we’ve avoided using it.”

    The hanging toys are a handy extra, but Katie found they didn’t hold her baby’s attention for long. “The toys aren’t brightly coloured, so my baby wasn’t very engaged by them,” she says. “Instead, I attached a mobile, which was great, as I have not been able to attach a mobile to any other Moses basket I’ve used.”

    Overall, this is a stylish and compact bassinet, with useful functions to help soothe your baby to sleep. “It’s soft and cosy, and my baby was content both chilling and sleeping in the bassinet,” adds Katie. “The muted colours, with beige or grey options, will complement most nurseries, and the storage basket will come in handy in smaller rooms.” The PurFlo Breathable Bassinet is also available direct from PurFlo for a higher price of £159.

    3. Best budget Moses basket: The Little Green Sheep Knitted Moses Basket

    3. Best budget Moses basket: The Little Green Sheep Knitted Moses Basket

    Credit: Little Green Sheep

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 2kg | Suitable from: Birth-9kg

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Beautifully designed
    ✅ Lightweight and easy to carry
    ✅ Stand folds away neatly
    ❌ Less spacious than other Moses baskets


    The Little Green Sheep Moses Basket is a woven natural palm leaf basket. It has an organic knitted liner. It comes with a natural, chemical-free mattress, but the stand has to be purchased separately.

    The general look and design of this Moses basket impressed Kate Wills, mum to Blake, 10 weeks. She found it easy and intuitive to use. “This arrived without too much packaging, and it looks really good in the room,” she says. “The basket itself is well-designed and very light, so it’s really easy to move around the house. The wooden stand folds away easily and it doesn’t take up much space.”

    The quality of this Moses basket is impressive, and the knitted liner adds a touch of cosy luxury. “It’s very chic and looks quite Scandinavian in design,” says Kate. “But it’s also very practical – the liner stopped my baby from scratching her hands on the inside of the basket, which happens in our own Moses basket, and helps make this feel warm and cosy.”

    Despite the stand being an extra expense, this is still a good value choice. “The mattress alone is worth £40,” adds Katie. “It’s a lovely looking product overall, and it looks much more expensive than it is.”

    The only downside is that this Moses basket seems less roomy in comparison to others we tested, so it may not last your baby as long as others. “My baby was 9lbs at birth, so there’s not much room in this for her to stretch out,” adds Katie. “For that reason, it’s probably better suited to smaller babies.”

    If that’s not a problem, and you’re not looking for the Moses baskets with the greatest longevity, this will make a lovely addition to your nursery. Lastly, if you’re keen on organic and chemical-free products for your little one, this is bound to appeal.

    4. Tommee Tippee Sleepee

    Tommee Tippee Sleepee

    Credit: Tommee Tippee

    A modern, plastic Moses basket with a rocking stand

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 4.6kg | Suitable from: 0-6m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Straightforward to clean
    ✅ Light enough to carry easily
    ✅ Breathable, practical design
    ❌ It’s more functional than stylish

    VIEW AT ARGOS | £99.99

    This breathable Moses basket has more than 300 air holes along the side and base to help promote airflow. Also, it comes with a water-resistant mattress and 100 per cent cotton liner. It’s easy to wipe clean and comes with a stand that allows you to rock your baby to sleep.

    Katie Prior put it to the test with her son, Ryker, six weeks. “At first I felt this looked more like a laundry basket,” she says. “But it looks much more baby-friendly once the liner is added, and my baby seemed quite happy in it. The basket itself is very large and spacious but it’s also very light, making it really easy to move around. Since it’s made of plastic, it’s also very easy to clean. Although I’ve never really had the need to wipe down the sides of my Moses basket.”

    The mattress is washable but it’s not a standard size, so factor that it when you’re buying bedding. The plastic sides and handles add robustness, which makes this a good choice if you’ll be carrying it up and down stairs frequently. On the downside, assembling the stand for this Moses basket is a bit of a challenge. Once assembled, the stand was a hit. “The rocker option is great, and really helped soothe my baby to sleep,” says Katie. “And I like that it can be set to static mode if you don’t want it rocking all the time.”

    Overall, this is a durable, lightweight Moses basket that’s ideal for busy parents as it’s easy to move from room to room. It’s also a good choice for a first baby – if you’ve got space to store this Moses basket once it’s outgrown, you could use it again and again.

    5. Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air

    Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air

    Credit: Chicco

    A multi-functional baby crib that converts to a baby seat and highchair

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 10.2 kg | Suitable from: Birth-3 years old

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Multi-purpose use
    ✅ Sturdy and hardwearing
    ✅ Toy bar and musical features add value
    ❌ Mattress not included
    ❌ Base is cumbersome to carry

    VIEW AT BOOTS | £199

    The Chicco Baby Hug is impressively versatile. That means it’s a practical choice if you’re short on space. Suitable from birth right through until your baby is three years old, it converts from an overnight crib to a reclining seat. And, eventually, you can use it as highchair. It’s height adjustable and easy to move between rooms, thanks to the wheels. It’s also good value for money. Few items of baby gear are this multifunctional. It’s also a good choice for babies who suffer from congestion or reflux.

    Katie Prior put this to the test with baby Ryker, aged three months. “I found the assembly instructions very difficult to understand, with just pictures and no description or written steps, but once I found a video online to follow, it was actually quite simple to put together,” she says. “The cot is a great size, with soft sides and breathable mesh walls, but it doesn’t come with a mattress – you have to buy that separately.”

    Katie found it easy to adjust this for each of its different purposes, but she found the highchair mode the most useful setting. “The movement between the different uses is smooth and easy, which really shows the product’s quality, and the lockable wheels make it really easy to wheel the highchair from room to room or up to a table, although there’s no tray included, so you also have to buy that separately.”

    The Chicco Baby Hug does come with some extras. Accordingly, you get a musical arch with hanging toys. “The hanging toys are very basic but the melodies are great, with a selection of both upbeat and soothing tunes,” says Katie. “If only the Baby Hug could also rock or bounce the baby – that would be a useful feature.”

    We think this is an adaptable, good quality first bed for your baby. It feels sturdy and hard-wearing. But it’s a little cumbersome. For this reason, it’s not ideal for carrying up and down stairs. The fact that it can be used for various purposes until your baby is three years old adds real value, and we think it’s a brilliant choice for keeping at the grandparents’ house for occasional use.

    6. MoKee Wool Nest

    MoKee Wool Nest

    Credit: Mokee

    A cosy, contemporary wool Moses basket

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 1.5kg | Suitable from: 0-6m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Stylish design
    ✅ Cosy for babies
    ✅ Easy to move between rooms
    ❌ A little tricky to assemble

    VIEW AT MOKEE | £95.92

    The WoolNest is a stylish, contemporary twist on a classic Moses basket. It’s made from high quality, blended wool felt with robust cotton straps. It comes with a breathable foam mattress with an aloe vera infused quilt cover that’s easy to unzip for washing. However, the stand isn’t included, so factor that into your budget.

    “This basket was a little tricky to assemble but once we got it done it looked really stylish in our living room,” says Sonia Zhuravlyova, mum to Bran, six weeks. “The basket provides a super cosy space for the baby to nap, and the mattress feels firm yet cosy. Bran loves being in this basket and sleeps very well in it during the day. The handles mean you can carry it easily from room to room, and the base folds down really easily.”

    Overall, there are no ‘bells and whistles’ on this Moses basket. While there are no musical features and no rocking mode, this is still a practical choice. In particular, if you’re looking for a sturdy yet stylish Moses basket that’s lovely to look at but easy to move between rooms, this is ideal. “The Mokee Wool Nest has a pleasing Nordic aesthetic, so I think it’ll appeal to the kind of parents who are a little more design conscious,” adds Katie.

    7. Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket and Curve Rocking Stand

    Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket and Curve Rocking Stand

    Credit: Shnuggle

    A simple modern Moses basket with a sturdy rocking stand

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 6kg | Suitable from: 0-6m

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Easy to clean
    ✅ Light to carry
    ✅ Feels robust
    ❌ No hood
    ❌ Mesh liner isn’t very cosy

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £118.40

    The mattress and stand come included with this stylish, contemporary Moses basket. That means it’s excellent value for money. Despite being robust for night time sleeping, it’s also light enough to move around the house during daytime. It has a ventilated, hypo-allergenic base to promote airflow, plus a luxurious quilted mattress and breathable mesh cotton lining. Accordingly, it’s easy to remove for washing. The two-height stand can be used in both fixed and rocking mode.

    Overall, the Shnuggle Dreami is quite large compared to other Moses baskets. For this reason, you might need a bit more room for this one. Nevertheless, that means more space for your baby. It’s easy to wipe clean in the event of nappy leaks or milk explosions which are, of course, inevitable.

    Kate Wills, mum to Blake, three months, is impressed overall. “It’s very easy to set up, for example – you just need a screwdriver – and the design is definitely different to a traditional Moses basket,” she says. “It’s made of white plastic, which makes it easier to clean, and it would look good in a more modern home or for someone who likes a minimalist aesthetic. That also means it’s light and quiet to move around, yet it feels sturdy.”

    There’s no hood on this. That means it’s less cosy compared to Moses baskets made from softer fabrics, of course. “The design is clever as the stand folds away easily, and the basket can rock on it when it’s on the floor,” adds Katie. “It’s a bit larger than other Moses baskets, so it’s good for bigger, wrigglier babies.”

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