The NEW Playmobil Advent Calendars are on sale now

Six new Playmobil advent calendars for 2022 - which one is your favourite?

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There are six new Playmobil advent calendars on sale for 2022 - and they're all available to buy online.

If you're looking for one of this year's best toy advent calendars, Playmobil has several to choose from - including some brand-new designs. 

The new Christmas Baking advent calendar includes real cookie cutters and a stamp that children can use to create and decorate real Christmas cookies at home during December.

Also new is the Wiltopia DIY Advent Calendar, designed so that you can fill it yourself along with animal figures from all continents. They come in boxes with reversible motifs, which can be used to create an amazing animal panorama to play with. 

Or how about a bath-friendly advent calendar? The PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Bathtime Fun advent calendar has colourful figures and animals hidden behind each of its 24 doors and is designed to promote fine motor skills, creativity, and cognitive understanding of relationships.

And the Asterix: Advent Calendar Pirates is the perfect surprise for young and old fans of the famous French comic book.

Christmas Baking Advent Calendar, £24.99 | Playmobil

Christmas Baking Advent Calendar, £24.99 | Playmobil
The smell of Christmas cookies is in the air! Includes real cookie cutters and a cookie stamp to bake and decorate Christmas cookies.

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Wiltopia DIY Advent Calendar, £39.99 | Playmobil

Wiltopia DIY Advent Calendar, £39.99 | Playmobil
You can fill and design this yourself, and it includes animals from all continents – perfect for all little animal fans. With the included sticker sheet, the calendar can be decorated individually, such as with the child's name.


PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Bathtime Fun, £29.99 | Playmobil
A splashing Christmas time for the little ones is guaranteed with this advent calendar. With the help of the suction cup, the collection tray attaches easily to the edge of the bathtub or tiles. The colourful PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 AQUA play world promotes fine motor skills, creativity, and cognitive understanding of relationships.

Asterix: Advent Calendar Pirates, £49.99 | Playmobil

Asterix: Advent Calendar Pirates, £49.99 | Playmobil
The Pirate lookout searches for merchant ships in the crow's nest but instead of richly laden booty ships, he discovers Asterix and Anticlimax setting their sights on the pirate ship with their rowboat. 

Playmobil advent calendars provide a perfect alternative to chocolate advent calendars - ideal if you want to steer clear of a daily sugar rush. From opening the first door, a Playmobil advent calendar offers plenty of play fun that lasts up to and well beyond Christmas. During the countdown to Christmas, the 24 surprises inside combine together to create an entertaining play scene. 

Check out all six of the new Playmobil advent calendars:

  • Advent Calendar - PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Bathtime Fun, £29.99
  • Wiltopia - DIY Advent Calendar: Animal Trip around the World, £39.99
  • Asterix: Advent Calendar Pirates, £49.99
  • Advent Calendar - Christmas Baking, £24.99
  • Advent Calendar - Adventures of Ayuma, £29.99
  • DUCK ON CALL - Advent calendar, £29.99
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