Noel Fielding launches daily art initiative for kids who are bored at home

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Noel Fielding has launched an online art initiative to help keep some little ones entertained.

The coronavirus pandemic brought the running of everyday school life to a halt for children across the country.

With schools shut amid the Covid-19 outbreak and government orders to stay indoors in place, it’s likely there are thousands of kids up and down the nation suffering from a bout of boredom - and parents may be struggling to find exciting things to do with kids.

Luckily, comedian Noel Fielding is on hand...

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The hilarious host of the Great British Bake Off has set up his very own social media project to get children feeling arty.

Noel’s virtual ‘art club’ sees him challenge little ones to some light hearted drawing challenges.

On multiple days over the past few weeks, Noel has set a theme and encouraged kids to paint, draw and create something they think relates to it.

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Loads of school-less kids have taken part in the heart warming scheme, sending their arty creations to Noel on Twitter, where he has been sharing them.

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Meanwhile, lots of Tweeters have thanked Noel for the special idea.

You are a hero! Thank you, wrote one.

Thanks Noel, my two girls really enjoyed it and are looking forward to next time!,’ added another, while a third chipped in, ‘Just thinking it’s really helpful for us home schooling parents struggling to motivate our kids.’

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It’s not just kids who are loving getting involved though, grown adults have been contributing their own are too.

One wrote, ‘This got me of the sofa and took my mind off everything- thanks Noel!

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Thanking his fans and followers for their support, Noel announced, ‘Thank you everyone I am humbled and buzzing hard ! You clever beans ! So much creativity and love x see you next time.’

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