50 easy crafts for kids that are fun, fast to set up, and totally engaging

We share easy crafts for kids, from homemade play dough to dot art, scroll through our 50 best crafts

Easy Crafts for kids illustrated by kid with cardboard robot head
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Easy crafts for kids are the difference between a quiet and engaged activity and one that involves spending £15 and drinking bad coffee (we mean soft play). We found 50 crafts to do that are fun, cheap, and so simple.

As parents, research is always on, it starts with Googling 'best travel strollers' and it just never ends, you're Googling the best places to take kids, things to do with kids, and films to watch with kids. We know you're always on the lookout for the kids, especially at weekends or during the school holidays. And sometimes the weather puts a dampener on our ready-made outdoor plans. This is why we’ve created a handy list of craft ideas that are the perfect indoor activities for kids. And sure to save any long wet weekend.

While there's always a place for a kids movie on Netflix, sometimes we want to get them doing, not watching. Our crafts for kids are easy to do - so it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete craft beginner (like us) or already a creative pro. Plus, crafting can be a great mindfulness activity for kids too. 

Whatever your budget, and whether you've minutes or hours to dedicate to getting creative, we have 50 fantastic craft ideas for you to choose from.

Easy crafts for kids:

1. Homemade play dough

There's something both therapeutic and educational about moulding fresh play dough into shapes, especially for little ones. Young muscles can develop strength, control and fine motor skills, whilst experiencing the feel of different textures with this squidgy craft number. Better than buying some from the shops, our easy play dough recipe is as good (if not better and cheaper) than the shop-bought kind.

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2. A chatterbox or fortune teller

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by child at table crafting

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It doesn't get much simpler than this - with our origami chatterbox craft requiring just a few pens and a piece of paper to do. A playground favorite, kids will love decorating this toy and playing it with their friends and family.

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3. DIY stickers

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by child at table crafting

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What child doesn't love stickers and a good sticker book? This is one of our favorite crafts for kids, allowing your little ones can create their own personalized stickers and allow their imagination to run riot. This might just be the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

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4. Lava lamp

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by lava lamp

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Lava lamps are a great sensory stimulus for little ones, while showing bigger kids the science behind the cool chemical reactions. Making a lava lamp might seem like a big step forward if you're not a keen crafter, but this DIY tutorial is really easy to follow and requires mostly regular kitchen items to get stuck in.

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5. Jolly jellyfish

These jolly jellyfish another favorite craft for us. They also make for a great bedroom decoration when hung above a bed, or from a curtain pole. If you don't fancy forking out for googly eyes, the eyes can be drawn on instead. All other equipment like ribbons, tissue or wrapping paper, should be readily available in your house too.

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6. Rainbow wand

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by rainbow star wands

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This rainbow wand is a fun activity, while doubling as a toy or handy dressing-up accessory. We've used glitter card, colorful ribbons, scissors and glue to assemble. Kids can always go wild and add extra customization with beads, gems or anything else that feels fun.

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7. Rainbow decorations

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by paper hearts

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Another hugely popular DIY activity, this time featuring the enduring popularity of rainbows. This is one of our easiest crafts for kids, with only five items of equipment needed. We reckon these rainbow decorations would go down well at any kids party too; just set up a craft table with the ready-cut card and ribbon, and be on hand to show children the ropes.

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8. Toilet paper tube crafts

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by paper fish

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Toilet roll tubes are definitely something every household has. We recommend storing a few, and sitting down to try one of our thirteen toilet paper tube crafts once you have a collection. Our favorite includes these carp fish creations, which can so easily be transformed into a hanging mobile with some string and added creativity.

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9. Tie dye t-shirts

Another popular and colorful crafts for kids, this idea will transform an old white tee into an original tie-dye creation? Kids love rainbows and this fun activity will create a one-of-a-kind design that they can proudly show off to their friends.

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10. Rainbow sun catcher

Easy crafts for kids illustrated by rainbow hanger

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Another one of our fantastic rainbow decorations is this rainbow sun catcher - a perfect decorative piece for any child's bedroom. We recommend constructing this craft around spring or summer when your child can be dazzled by the light, sending colorful beams around the room.

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