35 crafts for kids that are fun, easy and will keep them entertained

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  • These easy crafts for kids are far from boring and so simple to do.

    As parents, we’re always on the lookout for fun things to do with kids, especially at weekends or during the school summer holidays

    Whilst we love to get the children out and about, or invested in some kid-friendly outdoor crafts, the weather doesn’t always allow it, often putting a dampener on our ready-made plans. Which is why we’ve created a handy list of craft ideas that are the perfect indoor activities for kids. And sure to save any long wet weekend.

    More engaging than a kids movie on Netflix, and less messy than some fun science experiments for kids, our crafts for kids are also easy to do – so it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete craft beginner (like us) or already a creative pro.

    Easy crafts for kids:

    1. Homemade play dough

    There’s something both therapeutic and educational about moulding fresh play dough into shapes, especially for little ones. Young muscles will develop strength, control and fine motor skills whilst playing around with this squidgy craft number. But there’s no need to nip to the shops to buy some, with our easy play dough recipe as good (if not better and cheaper) than the shop-bought kind.

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    2. A chatterbox or fortune teller

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    It doesn’t get much simpler than this – with our origami chatterbox craft requiring just a few pens and a piece of paper to do. A playground favourite, kids will love decorating this toy and playing it with all their friends and family members.

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    3. DIY stickers

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    What kid doesn’t love stickers and a good sticker book? This is one of our favourite crafts for kids, as your little ones can create their own personalised stickers and allow their imagination to run riot. The perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

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    4. Lava lamp

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    Lava lamps are a great sensory stimulus for little ones. They’ll also show big kids the science behind the cool chemical reactions. Making a lava lamp might seem like a big step forward if you’re not a keen crafter. But this DIY tutorial is really easy to follow and requires mostly regular kitchen items to get stuck in.

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    5. Jolly jellyfish

    These jolly jellyfish are one our favourite crafts for kids. They’ll also make for a great bedroom decoration – think above their bed or hung from their curtain pole. If you don’t fancy forking out for googly eyes, you could always draw the eyes on. All the other equipment like ribbons and tissue or wrapping paper should be readily available in your house too.

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    6. Rainbow wand

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    This rainbow wand is a fun activity that doubles up as a toy and handy dressing-up accessory. We’ve used glitter card, colourful ribbons, scissors and glue to assemble. But kids can always add extra customisation with beads, gems and or anything else that feels appropriate.

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    7. Rainbow decorations

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    Another popular DIY activity using rainbows, this is one of our easiest crafts for kids, with only five items of equipment needed. We reckon these rainbow decorations would go down well at any kids party too. Just set up a craft table with the ready-cut card and ribbon and be on hand to show them the ropes.

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    8. Toilet paper tube crafts

    Credit: Getty

    Toilet roll tubes are something every household has. We recommend storing a few and sitting down to try one of our thirteen toilet paper tube crafts.  Our favourite includes these carp fish creations, which can so easily be transformed into a hanging mobile with some string and added creativity.

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    9. Tie dye t-shirts

    Another one of our colourful crafts for kids. Why not transform an old white tee into a tie-dye creation? Kids love rainbows and this fun activity will create a one-of-a-kind design that they can proudly show off amongst friends.

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    10. Rainbow sun catcher

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Another one of our fantastic rainbow decorations is this rainbow sun catcher – a perfect decorative piece for any child’s bedroom. We recommend constructing this craft around spring or summer when your kid can be dazzled by the light, sending colourful beams around the room.

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    11. Pen pots

    these pen pots are one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    These homemade pen pots make for great gifts come Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a family member’s birthday.

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    12. Paper hats

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    It doesn’t get any easier than these quirky paper hats, which can be made out of anything from old newspapers to left-over wrapping paper. They’re great for incorporating into games and the origami process develops key hand-eye coordination and concentration skills too.

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    13. Party piñata

    This fish piñata is a great craft to do with your child and will go down a storm at any upcoming birthday parties. Just keep an eye on your kid and any sweets that go ‘missing’ during the making process…

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    14. Rainbow art

    these rainbow plates are one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Why not use up any surplus rainbow ribbons from the wand and heart crafts and create this fun colourful craft too. These rainbow sun and cloud paper plate crafts uses similar materials, plus paint and a paper plate. We recommended stringing these up in the window of your home to send a positive message to passersby.

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    15. Cardboard kitchen

    a toy kitchen is one of our easy crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Ltd

    Little ones love imitating their parents and playing cook in the kitchen. So why not recreate a colourful play one from a couple of old shoe boxes? You can finish it off with some cheap kids play pots and pans from Amazon or they can always borrow the ones already found in your kitchen cupboards.

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    16. DIY dreamcatchers

    DIY dreamcatchers are one of our fun crafts for kids

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    Children love getting creative with beads and feathers. And these dreamcatchers could also help relieve any anxiety they hold over having bad dreams or nightmares too. Help them construct their own with some paper plates, string and a little imagination.

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    17. Vegetable printing

    Vegetable printing will be something any crafty kid will love. Plus it’s a great way to use up any uneatable fruit and vegetables from the fridge. Simply get your template, paint and material ready, then you’re good to go! We love this heart-shaped potato print bunting in particular.

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    18. Homemade hair scrunchies

    These hair scrunchies are one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    This is one craft older children will especially love, as they can customise their own scrunchies with a bright array of patterns and colours. Using their favourite materials and this handy tutorial, you can learn how to make your own scrunchy. Unique and useful – this is one of our favourite crafts for kids.

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    19. Funny face frames

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    One of the best things about heading to the pier at any British seaside resort? The wacky photo stands of course! Capture that excitement at home with this fun craft and have them come up with their own quirky characters.

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    20. Pebble people

    these pebble people are one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Who doesn’t have old pebbles from the beach or stones from the garden lying around? Instead of letting them get under your feet, get your kids to make them into fun characters – or even portraits of your family. Along with the pebbles, all you need is a couple of pots of paint and a bit of inspiration.

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    21. Paper mache

    Spend the weekend creating an amazing paper mache creation – one of our easy crafts for kids. There’s plenty of cutting and sticking to do with this one, which helps develop key fine motor skills. As with all crafts with scissors – adult supervision is recommended.

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    22. Rainbow streamers

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    With this simple tutorial on rainbow streamers, you can transform a toilet roll tube into a fun toy that kids of all ages will love. Hang them outside to watch the streamers really come alive.

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    23. DIY dinosaur

    this dinosaur plate creation is one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Kids with a passion for the prehistoric period can create their own dinosaur kingdom from readily available household objects like toilet rolls and paper plates. Copy our sauropod design to start then branch out to fan favourites like the T-rex or a triceratops.

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    24. Puppet theatre

    Puppet theatre craft

    Credit: Getty

    This kids craft is a little more complex and will require specific items like velcro (which mum or dad will have to iron). But don’t let that put you off. Once constructed this theatre will keep kiddies busy for hours, as they conjure up vivid stories and characters to share via the stage.

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    25. Elephant’s feet

    To make these nifty elephant’s feet you’ll need some large tin cans and plenty of paint. If you’ve just painted a room recently, even better! Use the old paint cans to create this excellent crafting project and let your little ones bring their dreams of stomping across the savanna to life.

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    26. Tin can kites

    these colourful tins are one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Another of our tin based crafts for kids. These tin can kites will brighten up any dull day. And with a cupboard full of tinned goods, you’re bound to have a few spare cans lying around at the moment. Get your child to put them to good use with splatterings of paint and lots of ribbon.

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    27. Easter pom-pom animals

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    One of our more seasonal crafts for kids – these Easter pom-pom animals are great to create during the spring break and school half term. Be sure to hang these up around the house ready for the Easter Sunday feast or why not substitute the chocolate in the traditional egg hunt and hide these instead?

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    28. Bug hotel

    A bug house is one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: Getty

    This is the perfect craft for any green fingered kid or child fascinated by creatures. Source any leftover building materials like bricks, felt or even an old tire, then assemble your mini-beast motel with our easy-to-follow tutorial. Kids will love checking in on guests regularly and learning all the fun facts about them.

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    29. Fans

    These paper fans make gorgeous decorations for a kid’s play room or temporary den. Made from patterned paper and a lollipop stick – they’re also one of the cheapest crafts for kids in our round-up.

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    30. Calming glitter jars

    How to make glitter jars

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    These glitter jars are throughly therapeutic and can be created in five speedy steps using a clean jam jar, some glitter and water. Kids (and adults) can enjoy a quiet moment watching the glitter fall, which in turn will enable them to re-centre their energy, focus and any previously pent-up stress.

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    31. Sunshine

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Had a birthday party recently? Chances are you’ll have a few paper plates going spare – and this sunshine craft is the perfect activity to re-upholster and re-cycle them. Cheap to do, you’ll just need some yellow paint and coloured card to construct.

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    32. Egg-box bus

    An egg box bus is one of our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Never under-estimate a good old-fashioned egg-box craft creation. We’ve come up with 10 different things you can create with them, including this bright egg-box bus that’ll keep your child busy for an afternoon or two.

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    33. Paper boat

    Much like the paper hats, these paper boats are a really fun and inventive way to use up any old newspaper or wrapping paper. Create unique designs with as many different colours and patterns as you like, then set sail.

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    34. A paper gun (that shoots)

    make a paper gun with our fun crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    Any budding cowboy or cowgirl of the house needs a pistol to re-enact their wild west adventures. Follow our easy tutorial to create a gun from paper that actually shoots out counters.

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    35. Wanda the Witch

    paper witch is one of our halloween crafts for kids

    Credit: TI Media Limited

    With just some basic craft materials and a wooden spoon, your child can get into the halloween spirit with this wonderful wicked witch creation. This craft doubles up as a great halloween decoration too – try slotting the end of the spoon into some soil on your front lawn and give the neighbours a real fright.

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