Strictly’s Ola and James Jordan announce pregnancy after three-year fertility battle

Ola Jordan is expecting her first child with husband James after their first round of IVF.

In an exclusive interview with Hello! Magazine, Ola and James revealed that they are expecting their first child after three years of fertility struggles.

The couple – who have been married for 16 years - thought they might never conceive after doctors gave them a 50 per cent chance of falling pregnant on their first round of IVF.

Fortunately, 36-year-old Ola fell pregnant in June after their initial attempt, and now the former Strictly professionals are over the moon about the happy news.

Speaking to the publication shortly after their 12-week scan, Ola gushed: ‘I still can’t quite believe it. I don’t think it’s properly sunk in.’

James, 41, added: ‘When the doctor explained the only route for us to get pregnant would be IVF, it was tough to process.

‘It’s not something any couple ever thinks will happen to them.

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‘I’m so glad I get to see her become a mum because it’s all she’s ever really wanted. To me, she was the best dancer in the world. Now she will be, without doubt, the best mum.’

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Although they’ve both achieved a great deal over their careers, including Ola’s Strictly Come Dancing win in 2009 and James’ Dancing on Ice win earlier this year, the couple said that falling pregnant is by far the best thing they’ve ever accomplished.

‘Finding out that we are pregnant is no doubt our biggest achievement ever,’ said James. ‘This is probably the most special and exciting thing that has ever happened to us.’

Due in March next year, Ola and James’ first child appears to be following in the footsteps of their dancing parents.

Ola joked: ‘When we had the scan it was funny because they baby was dancing. I’m not sure if it was a cha-cha or a jive, but it was definitely dancing.’

The happy news comes after Ola and James opened up about their fertility struggles and decision to try IVF back in February.

Congratulations to Ola and James!