Woman shares GENIUS hack to try on shoes when shopping online

We're going to try this!
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  • Online shopping can make life easier, but there’s no ‘try before you buy’ option before you checkout.

    But thanks to one woman, buying shoes when shopping online just got a whole lot easier. And the hack is so simple, anyone can try it out!

    Taking to the Facebook group for New Zealand’s radio station ZM, presenter Megan Papas showed off her genius tip to fans.

    The video’s caption reads, ‘Megan’s online shoe shopping trick is too good 😂👠’

    To virtually try on shoes, Megan prints out a photo of her side profile, and cuts off the feet before laminating it.

    Then, she lines up her cut-out above the image of the shoe on the website to see whether or not it goes with her outfit.

    The video showed her scrolling through a website and moving her cut-out along, making comments on the shoes as she looked at each one.

    By doing this, Megan only orders shoes that she knows will go well with an outfit, meaning she doesn’t have to send any back because they don’t look good.

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    Of course, you can’t be clear on sizing with this hack, but you can definitely get a feel of whether it’ll look nice with your clothes or whether it’s a no-go.

    Since posting this, the video has gone viral and has gained 14,000 likes and over 47,000 comments from people impressed with her hack.

    One fan wrote, ‘online shopping taken to a whole new level 😂’.

    Another added, ‘I’m going to start doing this hahaha’.

    A third tagged a friend and said, ‘why is this something I can see you doing 🤣😂’.

    And a fourth tagged a friend, joking, ‘cut out you and your boyf for height comparison too’.

    Will you be trying this out? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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