Woman complains her shoes were ‘uncomfortable’ – but can you spot why?

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  • There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable clothing, especially when you’re out and about. But one woman hadn’t realised her mistake.

    Ayleigh McGhee from Glasgow had chosen some snakeskin high heels for a night out, to match with a clutch bag with the same print.

    But she spent the whole night complaining that they were uncomfortable, which is never fun.

    However, one friend spotted Ayleigh’s obvious mistake the next day and decided to share her mishap to followers on Twitter. You have to laugh at the reason why!

    It turns out Ayleigh had been wearing the shoes on the wrong feet, which seemed obvious in hindsight when you notice her feet aren’t sitting properly in the sandals. Oops…

    Her friend Georgia wrote: ‘Ayleigh was actual moanin the full night sayin she couldn’t walk in her shoes n only just realised this morning she was wearing them on the wrong feet😭😭😭this lassie man’

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    Many Twitter users found this hilarious, with Georgia’s tweet about Ayleigh going viral and receiving over 33,000 likes from amused people.

    This also gave people an opportunity to tag their friends, joking that they’d end up doing something similar.

    ‘Loool why do i feel like this something you’d do’, one user wrote.

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    Another added: ‘Funniest thing 😂’

    Others were shocked that she hadn’t noticed, with one amused Twitter user writing: ‘How did she not know?? You can tell by looking lmao’

    We’re glad that Ayleigh and her friends were able to see the funny side, with the woman herself responding to comments with laughing faces.

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