This big change at Aldi has got parents seriously annoyed

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Aldi supermarket has got parents seriously annoyed with this big change to its popular packs of baby wipes.

The low-cost supermarket has come under fire after it's has scaled down the size of it's Mamia sensitive fragrance free wipes (opens in new tab) - and some parents claim there's also been a change to the quality of the product while the pack price has increased.

One unhappy shopper spotted the subtle change to its packs which has seen packs of 64 baby wipes reduce to 60. The wipes are a popular parent buy as they are soft and gentle to babies' skin.

The changes come after the German-originated store announced it had changed all of their own-branded wet wipes to plastic-free and biodegradable materials but in doing so it has curt down on the number of wipes per pack, whilst hiking up the price and parents have only just started to notice and they're feeling the pinch.

With the cost of living (opens in new tab) increasing, parents are forever looking at ways to save money on their energy bills (opens in new tab) and groceries but with the pack-size change, it means they will run out of the product sooner than before.

And they've also put the price of the Aldi baby wipes up by 7p a pack - so they now cost 62p a pack - whereas the 64-wipe packs used to cost just 55p.

One customer shared the pack size reduction with other parents online by posting the discovery to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group (opens in new tab) on Facebook, by commenting, "Aldi are getting sneaky! 64 down to 60! Aldi UK sort it out! Read the comments." they urged the retailer.

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Another unhappy parent wrote, "These new ones are absolutely pants. I can't even describe them lol. They stick all together you pull about 20 out at a time and when your wiping a poo you put your finger through the paper. Not good lol x I need an alternative x"

And a third agreed, "My daughter just noticed this, by the size of the box being smaller , and not happy with the quality either , don't mend what's not broken ,the wipes were great as they were."

Baby wipes have a variety of uses from toilet time, to cleaning baby faces after meal times and even keeping them cool in a heatwave (opens in new tab),

But a spokesperson for Aldi defended its decision to change the packs, it told the Daily Record, “Moving to biodegradable wipes is another step forward in our commitment to reduce plastic across our ranges.

"As well as being plastic-free, our Mamia Biodegradable Wipes remain significantly cheaper than the Big Four, and we will continue to do all we can to keep prices down so shoppers know they will always make significant savings when they shop with us.”

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