Dog owner issues warning after beloved pet dies after eating popular treat

Dogs eating a ham bone
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A pet owner has issued a warning to others about feeding their beloved pooches ham bones after her dog died.

Distraught dog owner Wendy Appleton took to Facebook to alert other animal lovers about the danger of feeding their beloved pets ham bones after she lost her five-year-old cockerpoo Logi.

Ms. Appleton uploaded a couple of photographs of her furry friend and captioned them, 'So today I had to say goodbye to my best friend Logi the cockerpoo. Taken far too soon at only five years old. I can’t believe that yesterday he was bounding around full of life and a ham bone bought from Poundland killed him,' she claimed.

The post continued to explain, 'The bone shattered and ripped through his intestines when they operated this evening it was too late and he died on the operating table.'

And she issued a warning to others, 'PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE HAM BONES FROM POUNDLAND THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY DOGS x' she pleaded.

The Blue Cross animal charity issues advice to pet owners about any bone, on its website it states, 'Bones are not good for dogs. Every year so many dogs end up in vets’ surgeries as a consequence of being given (or finding) a bone. Problems range from gastrointestinal upsets to life-threatening illnesses if chunks wedge in the gullet or bowel. Give specially designed indestructible chews instead. Put a heavy top on your kitchen bin to prevent your dog from getting leftover bones.'

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Meanwhile, pet owners have been responding and sending their sympathy to the bereaved dog owner.

One wrote, 'So dreadfully sad. I was lucky that I was warned when I first got my dog to never give her bones for this very reason. I feel so sorry for you.' Another put, 'So sorry for your loss. I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling. Thank you for your sharing your story at this heartbreaking time - you will have saved other dog's lives.' And a third added, 'Any bone, once it has been cooked, can splinter I used to work in a kitchen and we were allowed to take leftover meat bones home for our dogs. You should see a lamb bone when it cracks Long sharp shards it worried me so much I stopped taking them home for him. Really sorry for your loss they are our best friends and you can trust them through thick and thin. Just remember he loved you so much x.'

Poundland Ham bone for dogs

(Image credit: Poundland)

A spokesman for Poundland released a statement which read, 'It’s very sad - our pet buying team was incredibly sorry to hear of the customer’s loss.  They're pet lovers themselves and know how they must feel. It goes without saying we abide by all legislation and we make sure that all our products that are required to display important customer information, do so. So while these bones did carry important information on their use and are sold widely in many retailers, we decided to remove them from sale. I know this will be of little consolation to the family, but we hope it provides some comfort to them.  We’re obviously very sorry for their loss.'

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