Poundland slammed for putting ‘saucy calendar’ in kids’ stationery section

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  • A mum has slammed Poundland for putting their ‘Babes’ calendar with the kids’ stationery.

    Poundland recently came under fire for selling a babygrow printed with an ‘offensive’ caption. And now the budget store is under attack once again.

    Jeanne Loughran posted a picture of the stationery section in her local Poundland to the Eltham, SE9 Facebook group, showing the Babes 2019 calendar hanging alongside kids’ sticker sheets and unicorn pens.

    ‘Just been in Poundland and look where they’ve put their saucy calendar, bang in the middle of the children’s stationery area!’ the outraged mum wrote. ‘The manager would not move them as he said he isn’t allowed even though others have complained. Apparently head office want them sold! He suggested I phone Poundland marketing to complain, which of course I will. Beggars belief.’

    The post quickly sparked debate amongst parents, with some agreeing with the original poster.

    ‘OMG. This is outrageous,’ wrote one. ‘What an idiotic, totally inappropriate marketing strategy.’

    But others thought she was overreacting, pointing out that most children stumble across similar images on social media and TV or in shop windows.

    ‘Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers etc. all have large windows covered in images not dissimilar to this,’ one person pointed out. ‘Kids are exposed to this whether you like it or not.’

    Another mum suggested that rather than hide them, it was time to teach children ‘how to see these kinds of things’ as they are now ‘everywhere’ and ‘difficult to avoid’.

    But other parents hit back in Jeanne’s defence.

    ‘Most definitely not OK and my children do NOT see things like this as I monitor what they are allowed to watch, as do most parents,’ wrote one.

    ‘For those parents who think it’s OK, or not unusual… when your daughters grow up anorexic, with body dysmorphia or ends up with an abusive partner. Or when your son treats women like muck. Remember what you said today…’ another warned.

    ‘I’m genuinely surprised by how many people think this is okay,’ Jeanne replied. ‘In my opinion it’s just not appropriate to be in the kids section.’

    The calendar has now reportedly been replaced by the Hunks 2019 calendar.