Rochelle Humes reveals the sweet reason she cried at her daughter’s parents’ evening

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  • Rochelle Humes shared a very relatable video on her Instagram story explaining why she cried at her daughter’s parents' evening.

    Rochelle Humes is currently covering for Holly Willoughby on This Morning but she’s still got the regular mum-admin to fit in.

    Last night (14 November), mum-of-two Rochelle posted a series of videos on her Instagram stories explaining why she was ‘snot crying’ at her eldest daughter’s parents’ evening.

    Rochelle explained: ‘We just went to parents’ evening for Alaia-Mai and I cried. Fully cried…. You know when they tell you about how they –  look I’ve still got my tissue –  they tell you about how they are doing? You know, so that is lovely, fine, nice to hear. But as soon as the teacher said she was kind.’

    Rochelle continued: ‘I’m just so proud of her. I’m embarrassed that I snot cried. Marvin started wiping my face. This teacher must think I’m crazy. I just I’m so proud.

    ‘That is just all you want to hear, obviously you want them to do well, you want them to be bright, you know to have made good progress but I just want her to be a nice girl and she said that and that was it.’

    Rochelle and Marvin choose not to share pictures of five-year-old Alaia-Mai’s and one-year-old Valentina’s faces to protect their privacy and respect the fact that they might not want a job in the public eye.

    But the couple do regularly post about family life and Rochelle’s followers love the mum-of-two’s updates on her little ones.

    Later in the evening Rochelle also posted a picture of her an Marvin with a glass of fizz to celebrate. They didn’t say that it was for Alaia-Mai’s fantastic parents’ evening but because they ‘received the best news.’

    However Rochelle quickly confirmed that the couple were not expecting another baby… So we’ll just have to wait for them to share the announcement!

    Have you ever cried at your child’s parents’ evening? What was it that the teacher said that set you off? Head over to our Facebook page to share your stories, we’re sure you’ve got a few!