Sainsbury's shoppers furious they'll miss out on savings after Nectar card points are cut

Sainsbury's is shaking up its Nectar card points scheme and some families are going to miss out on savings.

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Sainsbury's shoppers have been left furious over news that the supermarket is cutting its Nectar card points for some customers - starting next week.

The supermarket chain who gives loyal customers chance to earn money back from shopping in store through its popular Nectar card points system is set to overhaul its points allocation system starting next week - when shoppers who use credit cards to earn discounts will be restricted.

It follows the supermarkets' huge change to its delivery service (opens in new tab), which it announced back in May and with the cost of living (opens in new tab)crisis taking hold families are looking to see which is the cheapest supermarket (opens in new tab).

Anyone who uses a Sainsbury's Bank credit card to earn their points have just a week left to collect more points before their earnings will be cut in two as Sainsbury's is cutting the number of Nectar card points earned on credit card spending with just one point earned for every £2 spent - while the current scheme allows two points for every £1 spent.

The changes will apply to all Sainsbury's credit card users shopping at any Sainsbury's, Argos, or Habitat who hope to collect their Nectar card points (opens in new tab).

It has started notifying customers by sending out letters to make shoppers aware of the changes.

But some shoppers aren't happy with the cut, one shopper tweeted, "As a long time Sainsbury's shopper I was shocked to get a letter that your credit card will be reducing the amount of @nectar points and to spend more for less rewards.

"The point of your card is to reward loyalty to your brand, not make customers turn disloyal.

“Rather than the 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent at Sainsbury’s and other Nectar retailers, it’s the other way round - 1 point for every £2 spent.

"And there’s likely to be higher interest rates on the card too. Find another supermarket retailer to spend with regularly, I’d say.”

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Another unhappy customer pointed out, "More cost pressures: @sainsburys just emailed this morning to say my Nectar credit card points are going from 2 for every £1 spent to 1 for every full £2!

"Previously £9 was worth 18 points, now worth 4!! Recommendations for a new points card?”

And a third asked, "Why have you reduced the points per pound on your credit card? Now is when we need all the help we can get?”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, “With costs going up, we are working hard to keep prices low.

“We regularly review our offers to ensure we are making the biggest difference to the most customers and we have written to customers to explain that our Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card points promotion is changing, for new and existing customers.

“While we understand this offer is popular with card holders, we are certain that all customers will continue to find great value and to save money with Sainsbury’s through our low priced food, competitive financial services and affordable Argos and Habitat brands.”

Meanwhile, shoppers will still get one point for every £5 spent elsewhere - and this includes Argos eBay stores, Argos Clearance stores, Argos For Business, Argos Spares, Argos Financial Services, Sainsbury’s Bank, Sainsbury’s Energy, Sainsbury’s Cafes, Sainsbury’s e-Gift Cards and any other Sainsbury’s services.