Sainsbury's confirms HUGE change to grocery delivery service

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Sainsbury's has raised the price of its delivery passes in a huge change for customers. 

The cost of the supermarket's yearly midweek delivery pass has increased from £30 to £40, a £10 increase or a third of the original price.

The move comes as customers face rising petrol prices, increased energy bills, and the National Insurance hike, all of which are putting strain on household finances.

While most shoppers would prefer to save money by shopping at the cheapest supermarkets, the grocer announced the midweek delivery pass, is only valid for online food orders delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

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The anytime delivery pass allows you to get up to one free delivery ever day, including weekends. The price of Sainsbury's six-month anytime delivery pass has also gone up from £35 to £40.

Sainsbury's, the UK's second-largest grocery chain, is many Brits' go-to when it comes to picking up must-have items. However, another change has upset customers, as the supermarket has stopped selling three-month delivery passes and has replaced them with monthly passes.

The monthly anytime delivery pass cost £7.50, and the monthly midweek delivery pass cost £4.Three months of anytime delivery cost £20, while three months of midweek delivery cost £10.

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Customers without a delivery pass will be charged between £1 and £4.50, depending on when they want their groceries delivered.

Standard delivery is £7 for orders under £40, and clients without a delivery pass must spend a minimum of £25.

The news will be disappointing for many struggling families, as a Sainsbury's spokesperson said, "Last year we updated our online groceries services so that we can offer simpler, more flexible ways to shop with us, while still offering great value."

Experts expect that inflation will hit 8% later this year, while Kantar researchers warn that the average food cost will soar by £271 this year.

According to Kantar, grocery prices were 5.9 % higher in April than a year earlier, the largest increase since December 2011.

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