Fans praise Stacey Solomon for sharing her post-partum body in an ‘inspirational’ bikini snap

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  • Stacey Solomon was praised by hundred of her followers when she bared her postpartum body in a super honest Instagram post.

    The mum-of-three welcomed her baby son Rex with boyfriend Joe Swash in May this year.

    Now she has shared her post-birth body in front of her two million followers in a beautiful picture, opening up about the way she feels about her figure.

    In the upload, 29-year-old Stacey can be seen clutching her tiny tot and posing in a black two-piece bikini, grinning while standing in the bright blue sea.

    Showing off her natural lumps and bumps, Stacey showered herself with self-love, captioning the sweet image: ‘I love my body. Every bit of it. Even the bits that society says shouldn’t be there. Because EVERY bit of it came together to make him. And Zachary. And Leighton. cellulite is beautiful, back bumps add character and tummy ledges are great for resting a baby on.’

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    Naturally, many of the Loose Women host’s loyal fans flooded the comment section with words of admiration.

    One empathetic fan wrote: ‘I actually love you ❤️ I waste far too much of my life hating my body – which has grown and birthed twin boys and a beautiful girl 💙💙💗 I need to remind myself that my body is not gross, it’s amazing ❤️ instagram needs more people like you xx .’

    While a second swooned: ‘You are an absolute inspiration. Makes me feel so much better seeing your posts! Makes a lonely judgey world feel that little bit less lonely ❤️.’

    Meanwhile, plenty of Stacey’s celebrity friends spread more positive vibes in the comment section.

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    There was a time, not so long ago, when I used to dread this. It’s so nice to uncurl my toes, not be fighting with shields or trying to sooth my bleeding nipples and actually get excited for the times that Rex wants to feed on me. I never managed to exclusively breast feed He has bottle and boob, mostly boob before naps for comfort and that works for us! Looking at this photo reminds me of how much pressure I put on myself in the early days. I wanted to love it so badly and had imagined how “easy”, “convenient” and “blissful” it would be and it wasn’t any of those things. I never believed anyone when they said it will become easier and almost painless eventually, but it has. I can’t even remember when it changed. But 10 weeks in and it feels so much better. It feels like how I imagined it in the first place. If I could offer any advise, it would be what everyone told me. FED IS BEST and WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU. Mummas YOU ARE INCREDIBLE 🌈 if you’re wondering why the phot looks wierd it’s because I’ve Blurred out any boob just incase Instagram tell me off 😂

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    Love Island front woman Caroline Flack penned: ‘You’re amazing Stacey xx,’ and telly star Kate Thornton chipped in: ‘Stacey, you are beautiful. ❤️.’

    Pop star Dani Minogue had her say, adding: ‘You are the best mum 😍,’ and social media cleaning queen Mrs Hinch simply said: ‘Beauty 💛.’