Surprisingly cheap Mother's Day gift mums ACTUALLY want as chocolate and jewellery drop in popularity

Fancy chocolates and diamond jewellery are out!

Surprisingly cheap Mother's Day gift mums ACTUALLY want revealed
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The surprisingly cheap Mother's Day gift that mums actually want has been revealed – and no, it's not fancy chocolates or diamond jewellery. 

With less than a month to go, time is fast running out to plan the perfect Mother's Day gift for your beloved madre. 

On Sunday, March 19, folks across the UK will honour their mums and the other special women in their lives by showering them with some well-deserved TLC and affection. From serving your mother breakfast in bed or treating them to one of the best perfumes at the drugstore, there's no shortage of ways to express gratitude to your precious matriarch on the special day. 

Before you splash the cash on some fancy confectionery or expensive jewellery though, it might be of interest to know that traditional gifts aren't nearly as fashionable as they once were. 

Contrary to popular belief, it appears that chocolates and diamonds – despite being lovely to eat and wear – are no longer considered to be foolproof Mother's Day gifts. Research conducted by Red Letter Days has found that quality time is actually far more coveted, with most mums just wanting an opportunity to chill with their kids on the day. 

Mother's Day

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In a poll of about 1500 mums, about 45% said that spending quality time with their children was their No.1 desired gift this Mother's Day. Only 15% of the group listed flowers are their first preference, while 7% said they'd be most satisfied with jewellery. Just 5% of those polled wanted to receive chocolate as their Mother's Day gift, despite the sweet treat's longtime association with the family day. 

The research also found that 1/5 of the mums had children who resided over 5,000 miles away, with one in ten seeing their adult kids just once a year on average because of this distance. 

In light of these findings, Red Letter Days have now offered a special new feature on its website. Folks can now apply for flights on the site, which could be used to travel home to make a special surprise this Mother's Day or for a getaway overseas with your beloved mum. The UK gift company is also giving away plenty of deals on unforgettable experiences, including discounted hotel stays, spa retreats, theatre tickets, and even helicopter tours. 

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