The dog breeds with the longest and SHORTEST life expectancy revealed in new study - is yours on the list?

Dog breeds with longest and shortest life expectancy
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Dog breeds with the longest and SHORTED life expectancy are revealed in a new study - is yours on the list? As pet owners urged against buying dogs with a 'short snout'.

Dog owners might be shocked to learn which of their beloved pooches are at risk of a shorter life, despite whether they are well cared for in a loving home and it could be all down to the size and shape of their noses.

The study by the Royal Veterinary College has revealed that four flat-faced breeds were found to have the shortest life expectancy. French Bulldogs, live on average just 4.53 years, followed by English bulldogs at 7.4 years and American bulldogs, 7.8 years.

The study comes after Pugs and French Bulldogs could be banned in the UK and in 2020 a designer puppy show Will My Puppy Make Me Rich came under fire for being ‘unethical’ and ‘irresponsible’.

In order to come up with the life expectancy to analyse a random sample of 30,563 dogs that died between 1st January 2016 and 321st July 2020 was taken and covered 18 different dog breeds and crossbreeds. The overall average life expectancy for pet dogs was 11.2 years.

And experts have called for those who looking for a pet to stop and think before buying one with as short snout as these lower life expectancy rates are associated with the increased risk of breathing problems - which is one of the reasons these dogs shouldn't be walked in the heat - and spinal disease they face.

French Bulldog

Dr Dan O'Neil, associate professor in Companion Animal Epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College, and co-author of the paper, said, "Dogs have helped so many humans get through loneliness and isolation in the COVID pandemic. These new VetCompass Life tables enable owners to now estimate how much longer they can benefit from these dogs."

Dr Justine Shotton, British Veterinary Association president, added that the lower life expectancy of flat-faced breeds may encourage people to consider "health over looks".

Life expectancy for UK dog breeds:

  • Jack Russel terrier - 12.7 years
  • Yorkshire Terrier - 12.5 years
  • Border Collie - 12.1 years
  • Springer Spaniel - 11.9 years
  • Crossbred - 11.8 years
  • Labrador retriever - 11.77 years
  • Staffordshire bull terrier - 11.33 years
  • Cocker spaniel - 11.31 years
  • Shih-tzu - 11.05 years
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel - 10.45 years
  • German shepherd dog - 10.16 years
  • Boxer - 10.04 years
  • Beagle - 9.85 years
  • Husky - 9.53 years
  • Chihuahua - 7.91 years
  • American bulldog - 7.79 years
  • Pug - 7.65 years
  • English bulldog - 7.39 years
  • French bulldog - 4.53 years
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