Pugs and French Bulldogs could be 'BANNED' in the UK as part of a new campaign

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French Bulldogs and Pugs, plus other 'flat-faced' pets are expected to be 'BANNED' from appearing in advertisements in the UK, as campaigners call for a stop to "over-breeding."

Those involved in the sale of the specific pups, according to the animal welfare charity Blue Cross, are part of a "vicious cycle of over-breeding" and in 2020 a designer puppy show Will My Puppy Make Me Rich came under fire for being 'unethical' and 'irresponsible'.

And celebrities including Katie Price signed a petition to end puppy imports.

Now Blue Cross's head of public affairs, Becky Thwaites, said the charity had already started contacting MPs and she told The Sun, "We are determined to see the end of the poor breeding of flat-faced dogs and are considering all options both legislative and non-legislative to achieve this."

According to the charity, an increase in demand for French Bulldogs and Pugs has resulted a rise in "cute" advertising of certain breeds but often these pups were found to have health difficulties.

And a study shows French Bulldogs have a short life expectancy.

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Under the proposed French Bulldogs and Pugs ban, the Blue Cross has launched a #EndTheTrend campaign, which calls on UK firms to "commit by the end of 2022 to phase out the use of any brachycephalic pets in their future advertisements."

Animal welfare organisations have been pushing for a ban on the breeding of brachycephalic pets in recent years, claiming that they can develop serious health problems. These puppies can suffer from breathing problems, hyperthermia, sleep apnea, eye disease, and other severe illnesses.

The Blue Cross #EndTheTrend campaign, explains, "More and more major British consumer brands are using brachycephalic (flat-faced) animals in their marketing and advertising, even if their products are unrelated."

The charity claims that its veterinary staff have treated over 5,000 'brachy' pets, a figure that is growing by the week.

To highlight how the French Bulldogs and Pugs ban could impact the market, in recent years, flat-faced animals have become "trendy," resulting in increased demand for several breeds including French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Persian Cats, and Lionheaded Rabbits. Brachycephalic breeds accounted for one-fifth of all dogs in the country in 2021.

You can learn more about the difference between French Bulldogs and Pugs in the clip below...


While the vicious breeding cycle is a major concern for anyone considering getting a pet, current dog owners have been warned about Alabama Rot, a terrible flesh-eating illness that has spread across the UK after killing five dogs.

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