These 7 everyday clothing items could get drivers FINED up to £5,000 - do you wear them at the wheel?

Drivers warned over everyday items
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No one likes to get a driving fine but did you know that drivers are being warned over seven everyday clothing items that, if worn, could land them with up to £5,000 in fines.

We all know someone whose rushed out of the house in their slippers for the school run, or perhaps they've been the designated driver on a night out but now drivers are being warned about the risks of wearing seven wardrobe staples as it could leave them with a unexpected hefty fine.

It comes after a new driving rule was introduced that could see drivers fined up to £1,000 and it's not just the eldest siblings that can be the worst driviers.

Aside from DVLA scams, drivers are being warned to familiarise themselves with part of rule 97 in the Highway Code states that drivers are advised they must have 'footwear and clothing which does not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner'.

As a result, as drivers warned over everyday items motoring experts say the following clothes or accessories could put people at risk of breaking the law, adding points on licences or receiving hefty fines and the following items can be a hindrance when driving:

1. Long skirts or dresses - maxi dresses might make you look beach ready but when driving whilst wearing one it could get caught underneath the pedals or restrict your use of them and ready to cause a nasty accident.

2. Baggy jeans - If jeans are too baggy they too could get tangled on your break or clutch pedals.

3. Flip flops - shoes with a sole that's less than 10mm thick are considered "unsafe" to drive in. so if you're hitting the sand, best to wear driving shoes beforehand.

flip flops

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4. High heels - Around 40 per cent of women admitted to driving in high heels - but the stiletto isn't practical for pushing down the pedals as the heel can get wedged underneath preventing you from pushing it all the way down which is vital when breaking in an emergency. Also scrap driving in shoes that limit ankle movement. Alastair Grier, managing director of CarMoney, said: “If you are planning on driving somewhere where the dress code is smart, we recommend you take a change of sensible shoes for the car ride”.

5. Slippers - open backed slippers are considered unsafe footwear because your feet could slip out when using the pedals so if you're dashing to do the school run, slip into something more sturdy.

6. Chunky boots - these might look ideal but oversized boots or chunky shoes can result in you touching more than one pedal at once and Mr Grier recommends choosing footwear that is "narrow enough" to touch pedals individually.

7. Sun glasses with too dark lenses or chunky frames - while sunglasses are an essential eye protection accessory, some styles can restrict vision while driving. For instance some lenses might be tinted too darkly and restrict daylight vision on the road, plus bulky frames can cause a blind spot, so best to test them out first or stick to using just the built in car sun visors.

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As drivers are warned over everyday items, currently a driver who is found wearing inappropriate clothing that could restrict manoeuvring can face on-the-spot fines of £100 plus three penalty points, according to Somersetlive. But the fines can increase to £5,000 plus nine penalty points and even a driving ban if it's taken to court.

The following news video shows what happened when a driver claimed blames their flip-flop getting stuck in their pedal...

If in doubt over your driving ware, choose something else.

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