Tomorrow is the most popular day to give birth because of this merry reason

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  • Thanks to Brits getting busy on Boxing Day, tomorrow is the most popular day for a baby to be born according to the latest study.

    September 26th is the most popular day for Brits to be born thanks to a steamy session on Boxing Day.

    If you work back nine months from this date, it reveals that thousands of Brits had a very merry Boxing Day, burning off those extra Christmas roast dinner calories with a steamy session.

    According to the study carried out by which analysed data from the UK government live births database, 2,000 births are due to happen tomorrow thanks to jolly Boxing day sex.

    This is a steep spike from the average of 1,800 births per day.

    Tomorrow baby born

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    So, why September 26th? It could be down to couples having more free time over the Christmas period, and of course a glass or two of baileys before they head up to bed.

    Not to mention the extra glass of wine after their work Christmas party to get them in the mood for intimacy in the bedroom.

    Though, according to the Office for National Statistics, it could be because parents are planning for their children to be born at the start of the school year.

    To celebrate the UK’s most popular birthday, have created a tongue and cheek birthday card range for those who celebrate the 26th September as their special day.

    Tomorrow baby born

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    One of the cards hilariously says: ‘A birthday fact: Your Dad waited until Boxing Day to Roast his chestnuts on your Mum’s Open Fire. Happy 26th of September Birthday’.

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    While tomorrow is the most popular day for a mum to give birth, the whole month of September is by far the busiest month for babies to be born as parents make the most of their time off on their Christmas break!

    Though, Brits aren’t the only ones getting busy on Boxing Day with both the New Zealand and US showing a similar pattern.

    If it’s your birthday tomorrow, you can thank your parents for getting jolly on Boxing Day.

    Or, if you’re looking to give birth around September 2020, you better get busy this Christmas.