The truth behind the viral Zara sizing hack is so disappointing

zara sizing hack
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If you've ever shopped at Zara, you're probably familiar with the viral sizing hack that claims the symbols on their labels equate to the fit of the clothes—but the truth is pretty disappointing. 

Last year, the TikTok account Officially Outfits claimed that Zara swing tags had a hidden clothing sign that shows how the item fits.

These symbols can be seen on both the buy tag (on top) and the inside label, and it's thought that a circle symbol suggests that the item runs big, a square shows that it runs true to size, and a triangle means that it runs small.

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Offically Outfits wrote, "The little box around the tag hole means true to size - get your normal size. The triangle around the tag hole means it comes up small so size up."

TikTok user @cooookiemonster210 confirmed the claims, revealing that a member of the Zara staff told her about the "shopping hack" when she was buying some items.

"The lady working on the register said- anything with a triangle on it means you need to size up as their clothes are fitted based off European sizes," she confessed.

This theory has been endorsed by a number of fashion influencers, and was even featured on Lorraine previously, but is it true?

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Sadly, not, according to Zara's headquarters. The varied symbols, according to a representative for the store, represent the various sections of the store where the clothes go, such as the Woman, Basic, or TRF departments.

To be honest, we're a little disappointed that it's not a 'official' hack, but a savvy TikToker has offered an equally amazing tip that allows you to figure out whether or not a pair of jeans will fit you without having to put them on.

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