‘Mummy was that little girl’ Victoria Beckham reveals the emotional advice she gives to daughter Harper because of her own bullying trauma

'It's not about who's the prettiest girl in the class'
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  • Victoria Beckham has opened up about her struggles with being bullied throughout her entire life, from her school days to her career in the media spotlight.

    The former Spice Girl also revealed that she drills the importance of kindness into her eight-year-old daughter Harper, to prevent children at her school being in the position she was as a young girl.

    Speaking on Sinéad Burke’s debut podcast, As Me with Sinéad, all about what she tells Harper before she heads off to school, she revealed, “I say to Harper, it’s not about who is the prettiest girl in the class, it’s not about who is the smartest girl in the class, it is about who is the kindest girl in the class.

    “And when you are around nobody should ever feel lonely, because if you see a little girl or a little boy that is on their own and nobody’s playing with them, it is your job to include them because mummy was that little girl who was on her own.”

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    It’s here. Finally. ‘As Me with Sinéad’ launches today and the first two episodes are available to listen to now on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts. . . For the first episode, I had the great privilege of sitting on a sofa talking about the ways in which the Spice Girls gave us permission to be ourselves, being bullied in the playground at school, learning to love yourself and your body and the value of kindness with @victoriabeckham. It’s not easy to be vulnerable and I’m so grateful to Victoria for sharing so much of herself. Teenage me wouldn’t believe this moment. . . [Video description: A line drawing of Victoria Beckham is revealed to a narration of her talking about kindness – to both herself and to other people.]

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    Going on to detail the cruel bullying she endured, Victoria explained that the childhood experience helped her deal with criticism in her career.

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    “People used to walk past and throw things at me in the playground. You know, coke cans and soggy tissues, you name it. Nobody wanted me to be in the cool gang,” she said.

    “I feel that because of what I went through at school it gave me a tough skin for, sometimes the public bullying that I might’ve had through tabloid news papers I the past.

    “I would never complain about those things, but I’ve read horrible, horrible thing about myself.

    “What I went through when I was younger that gave me that outer shell that could handle that.”

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