‘A C-section is far from lazy!’ Fans slam Kate Hudson for ‘misguided’ comment

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  • Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has sparked outrage by saying that her C-section was the ‘laziest thing’ she’s ever done.

    Kate is the cover girl for the October issue of US Cosmopolitan, and made the comment during an interview with the mag, completing a survey which asked her the ‘laziest thing I’ve ever done’, to which she responded ‘have a C-section!’

    Since the piece was published, the 38-year-old How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days star, who is mum to 13 year old Ryder and six year old Bingham, has faced a huge amount of backlash on social media.

    One fan said that they would no longer be ordering from Kate’s sportswear company as a result, tweeting: ‘@Fabletics was super excited to order when Kate Hudson said this about C-sections in @Cosmopolitan and now I won’t be. Shame on you.’

    Another was very honest about how the seemingly light-hearted comment made her ‘feel salty’.

    Another suggested the comment was ‘a tad misguided’.

    ‘In the recent interview with Kate Hudson… a tad misguided, perhaps? Major abdominal surgery is not “lazy”,’ they wrote.

    ‘I just lost respect for you. There’s nothing “lazy” about c-sections. Disgraceful,’ another reader agreed.

    Even medical professionals weighed into the debate, with a gynaecologist commenting: ‘Having had 3 myself and having performed thousands over 18 years, I beg to differ.’

    ‘Reading @Cosmopolitan #katehudson states having c-section as “laziest thing she’s ever done” that’s the only safe way to deliver for some,’ another added.

    One penned an open tweet direct to Kate herself, saying: ‘Dear #KateHudson Having a C-Section is far from lazy, ok?’

    And while many have suggested that Kate’s comment was probably a joke, it’s clear no one is laughing.

    ‘I hope you were joking,’ said one mum, summing up the sentiments of many. ‘And if you were, it wasn’t a funny joke to put out there.’

    Valerie Williams, a writer for Scary Mommy and a working mother from New York took to the site to express her disapproval of the answer.

    She wrote openly to Kate and asked: ‘where the hell did that come from?’

    The mother of two went on to explain her own C-sections, recalling being numb from the chest down, ‘motionless on an operating table, hearing my own blood being suctioned from the fresh hole cut into my stomach, I thought to myself – this is so f***ing lazy.’