WATCH: Adorable father-son duo team up to give mum the surprise of her life

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  • There are few things in life than are cuter than a father-son bonding experience, so when we saw this video of André Nordstrand and his 5-year-old son Kristian teaming up to ask the lady in their lives one very special question, we just knew we had to share it with the world!

    The duo took the subject of their project, Anne-Marije Weerstra, to the top of a mountain, distracted her by making some pancakes, and left her completely unexpectant of what was to come. Then Kristian, equipped with a secret camera and a very important question, put their plan into action.

    He hands his mum a parcel, and says ‘It’s a gift for you!’, to which she replies, ‘What could it be, Kristian?’

    She then turns to André and asks ‘Do you know what it is?’, but his lips remain sealed too.

    ‘It’s a secret for you,’ he smiles cryptically.

    Eventually, she managed to undo the wrapping, and Kristian asks:

    Underneath the video of the event, which André shared on his Youtube account, he wrote: ‘She didn’t answer at first, just gasping in surprise, and he asked again. Definite yes :)’

    Unsurprisingly, the heartwarming clip has been watched more than 350,000 times to date, with commenters leaving a whole host of appreciative comments. ‘A ring for the wife and a toy for the son. A+ dad rating’, one viewer wrote, whilst another revealed that the video stretched their nerves to the limit.

    ‘All I could think was “don’t drop it… don’t drop it… it will roll and you will not find it!! DON’T DROP IT!!’ they commented – but luckily, Kristian did a stellar job and the ring found its way on to Anne-Marije’s finger without any mishaps!

    Watch: Father-son duo surprise mum with a VERY big question!

    Aww – is it just us, or are proposal videos SO much better when there’s a cute kid involved (even if he does struggle to get hold of the ring?)

    Is this the best proposal clip you’ve seen – or is there one you love even more? Link us to your favourite videos in the comments below!