Father praised for his response after learning that his son has been bullying other children

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  • A dad has become an Internet sensation after revealing the way he dealt with learning his son had been picking on other kids.

    Bryan Thornhill went viral after posting a live Facebook video showing his alternative method to teaching his 10-year-old lad a lesson.

    ‘Hey everyone, welcome to ‘you better listen to your Dad 2018” he can be heard saying in the clip.

    ‘My son has finally got in trouble on the bus enough to where he was kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate, cannot stand. He now has to run to school.’

    In the footage, a youngster sporting a large backpack and hooded top can be seen jogging along the pavement. His unimpressed father films his progress as he follows behind in a car.

    Bryan continues by explaining that the journey is around one mile and he’ll be making his son run every day for a week, whatever the weather.

    ‘Ironically, his behaviour has been much better this week – his teachers have approved. He hasn’t got in trouble at school this week, whereas last week he was absolutely out of his mind,’ he added.

    ‘This right here is old school parenting, this is a healthy way for a child to be punished because it’s exercise.’

    Since Bryan uploaded the clip on Friday, it’s amassed a staggering amount of views. It’s been viewed over 1.6million times and has garnered 38,000 shares.

    A further 12,000 comments have been left by other users of the social networking site.

    ‘Some exercise never hurt anyone. Gave him plenty of time to think about his actions,’ said one.

    Another added: ‘It’s great to see a father trying to stamp out bullying before it gets worse.’

    ‘Bet this kid stops being a bully, good job dad,’ added a third.

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