Woman makes jewellery for new mums out of their breast milk and placenta

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  • A woman is helping other new mothers with a jewellery line inspired by her own experience of parenthood.

    Heather Johnson, from Alabama, created her Fruit of My Womb jewellery range after deciding to encapsulate her placenta when she welcomed her son in 2013, following a difficult postnatal experience after the earlier arrival of her daughter.

    She told local news site AL.com that she noticed a huge difference in ‘mood, energy level and milk supply’ after taking the capsules – which led her to becoming a certified placenta encapsulation specialist and postpartum health specialist herself.

    Heather Johnson

    Heather Johnson added a new photo.

    ‘As strange as it may sound, I absolutely love what I do,’ she said. ‘Placenta encapsulation may sound strange to some and it may not be for everyone and that’s okay.’

    ‘A lot of women that have struggled with postpartum depression are willing to try absolutely anything to not suffer through it again. Every woman is entitled to a happy and healthy postpartum, and if they feel placenta encapsulation will help them, then I’m more than happy to provide the service.’

    In 2014, Heather also created a jewellery line, Fruit of My Womb, which turns products of pregnancy, such as breast milk and placenta, into wearable accessories for new mums, to give them a permanent memento of the early days of their children’s lives.

    She now has hundreds of glowing reviews on her Facebook page, with one commenter writing: ‘I think this is such an amazing idea. The jewelry she creates touches the heart and soul. Placenta encapsulated is a unique way to help young mothers during a difficult time. Just amazingly creative. Definitely finding a special niche and filling it in a way that changes lives by inspiring hope.’

    ‘I absolutely LOVE my rings made with breastmilk from both my girls! Heather did such a wonderful job and kept me up to date on the progress of the rings the whole time!’ another agreed.

    Heather is also often asked to make jewellery for parents of babies who have sadly passed away, and is able to make pieces including items such as locks of hair and flowers from funerals to create a beautiful keepsake for grieving families.

    ‘The stories behind the jewelry are both touching and heartbreaking,’ she said. ‘Those can be very emotional for me but I know it’s something that will bring comfort and that they will always cherish.’