Quiz: How much of a ‘gross’ parent are YOU?

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  • A new study has revealed the top 20 ways that parents gross out their kids.

    The research, commissioned by animated comedy Scream Street for the launch of the show’s new episodes on CBBC, shows that there are a variety of daily activities that grown ups can use to embarrass their offspring, from eating certain foods to playing cringey music.

    The top three results were kissing them at the school gates, telling them off in public and wiping food off their face – which we’re sure ALL parents are guilty of from time to time.

    Some of the other results, however, were more surprising – who knew eating sushi and drinking wine was grossing kids out quite so much?!

    The research also found that dads are typically more embarrassing than mums, and one third of the children said that they wished their parents would be a little less gross.

    The good news is that 9 out of 10 of the 1,300 six to 13 years olds surveyed still find their parents funny, showing that gross out humour is a great way to bond.

    A spokesperson for Scream Street said: ‘This study clearly shows that UK families have great fun grossing each other out, and that no matter your age, parent or child, being gross is universally funny.’

    ‘Gross-out humour and silly antics will always be hilarious and it’s great to find out how much fun the UK’s families are having together – especially when they’re grossing each other out.’

    Want to know how many you’d score out of 20? Take the quiz to find out…

    Take the quiz: How much of a GROSS parent are you?


    Feeling a little concerned about your score? Fear not – Scream Street also identified the top 20 ways kids gross out their parents, and we bet your lot are guilty of more than a few…

    1. Refusing to flush the toilet 2. Having an untidy bedroom 3. Wiping their nose on their sleeve 4. Not washing their hands 5. Leaving dirty socks and washing on the floor 6. Not brushing their teeth 7. Eating with the mouth open 8. Spilling drinks and making a mess 9. Whining 10. Wearing the same clothes over and over again 11. Playing with their food 12. Spitting out food they don’t like 13. Yelling 14. Eating stuff off the floor 15. Chewing their hair 16. Playing with chewing gum 17. Getting covered in mud 18. Getting covered in food 19. Saving chewing gum for later 20. Telling gross jokes

    See, you’re not so bad after all!

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