Hannah Spearritt reveals she is pregnant with her first baby at 37

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  • Hannah Spearritt has announced that she is expecting her first child with longterm partner Adam Thomas.

    Actress and former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt has revealed baby joy as she is expecting her first child age 37.

    Hannah and Adam, a personal trainer, met five years ago and were engaged at one point but later called it off.

    The couple already have some experience of looking after small and vulnerable being, as they have a pet Chihuahua called Lola who stars in their bump unveiling portrait!

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    OK! Magazine

    Speaking to OK! Magazine about why this pregnancy is so special, Hannah explained that she suffered from miscarriages early on in previous pregnancies and feels ‘very lucky’ that this pregnancy is on track.

    She explained: ‘I had one a few years previously with another partner. They both happened early on in the pregnancies, around the five-week mark.’

    Hannah added: ‘It’s such an upsetting thing so it’s made it hard to relax this time, especially during the first few months. Going through all that makes this pregnancy even more special, though. I feel very lucky that everything has been okay this time.’

    Hannah and Adam’s little girl is due in December but they haven’t revealed their baby name plans just yet. The top baby names for 2017 were released last week so perhaps they’ll go there for some inspiration or maybe they’ll prefer the unusual baby names list instead.

    One thing’s for sure, Lola is probably off the cards!

    Hannah has struggled with her health over the last few years, which was caused by a boob job she had in 2013. Speaking about how she felt during the ordeal Hannah admitted the pain was unbearable.

    She said: ‘My body was shutting down. At my worst moments, I felt like I was dying. I was suffering from breathlessness to the point where I would be on the floor. Even thinking back to it is very surreal.’

    Adam added: ‘The night before Hannah had her implants removed, I drove her down to Torquay where she was having the surgery. She couldn’t walk because she’d lost her balance. She was holding onto the wall while we were checking into the hotel and she didn’t have the energy to walk from the car to our room. She had ringing in her ears and was as white as a sheet.’

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    OK! Magazine

    The full story is available in this week’s OK! Magazine. 


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