Parents create adorable Harry Potter-themed photo shoot (including a crying baby mandrake!)

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  • A screaming newborn might usually be the last thing you want when you’re trying to take a photo.

    But one family has made the best of their crying baby with one of the most imaginative and cutest photo shoots we’ve seen.

    Katherine and Jesse Oldfield, from Oregon, USA, had a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot featuring their two children, and it’s melted our hearts.

    Their newborn baby, Theodore, was dressed as an adorable little mandrake, while their first son, Sebastian, also featured as Harry Potter – complete with glasses and earmuffs!

    Image: Kelsey Clouse/Lune de la Rogue
    It’s not the first time this family have got creative with fancy dress. When the couple had their first son, Sebastian, they created a Harry Potter graveyard shoot. But when baby number two came along, they wanted to go one better.

    Katherine told Buzzfeed that their photographer, Kelsey Clouse, tagged the pair in a picture of a mandrake on Facebook and ‘immediately the wheels started turning’.

    Even though Theodore looks (almost) like the crying mandrake from the film, it took a few goes to get the shot absolutely right.
    Image: Kelsey Clouse/Lune de la Rogue

    ‘I knew that it was key that Theodore be crying for the shot. Luckily babies tend to do that’, Katherine said.

    Fortunately, it didn’t take too long to get that perfect picture as Kelsey said: ‘Dad started to pull Theodore out of the pot, he fussed a little, and poof! We had our magic moment!’

    The picture has attracted a lot attention since Kelsey shared the image on Facebook, and has since gathered over 53,000 likes.

    Image: Kelsey Clouse/Lune de la Rogue

    On the post, Kelsey shared her joy and the positive response. She said: ‘Love seeing so much positivity and love for this image of these two sweet boys posing for their momma’s idea; what a great change of pace in the world of social media, where there can be so much negativity and controversy.’

    Image: Kelsey Clouse/Lune de la Rogue

    We think the photo is amazing and the two brothers look fantastic. Congratulations!

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